Sparta Today

Slaves try to revolt! Women treated same as men!


A group of slaves are tired of harsh treatment leading to revolting. But Sparta declared war to legally kill them and only one remains knowing not to revolt ever again.Slaves farmed and worked but had some rights like they could marry whoever and whenever they want, they could even pass their names on to their children. Slaves could also sell any extra crops after his/her master got their share, and if they had enough money they could buy FREEDOM.

Women treated same as men!

All around the globe women were never treated same as men! But in Sparta the women joined the army and fought and were exspected to be strong. In other places such as nearby Athens don't let girls go to school or join the army and women in Sparta wore clothing with little decoration, and they did not even wear jewlery or perfume. They had more rights than other Greek women. They were free to speak to their husbands' friends and had their own property. They could even marry another man if their husband was gone in war too long.

Local man tries to steal!

Good thing Sparta uses iron bars as money a local man tried to steal!! Sparta did not depend on trade so they decided to have iron bars as money, they relied on farming and conquering other people. Men spent their lives as warriors so slaves grew crops.

A Member of The Council of The Elder's dies!

It was a very sad day for Sparta, one of the concil of the Elders died and so everyones depressed, The Council of the Elders is men over age of 60. They prepared laws for the Assembly to vote on. They had the power to stop any laws passed by the Assembly.

Boy Tries to skip school

A young boy age of 8 tries to skip school. He sneeked out but then was caught and now recieves half a the orginal lunch. In Spartan schools children are taught to fight and battle and little reading and writing because it wasn't as importent