Nick Alto

UI/UX Design Portfolio

OnPoint iOS Banking App

I redesigned OnPoint Community Credit Union's iOS app because I'm not a big fan of the current design and it hasn't been updated in quite some time. I thought I might give it a shot and see what happens. A great deal of inspiration came from the awesome things that the people at simple are doing.

BoxDot iOS App

BoxDot is my first published iOS application, a side project to explore the world of iOS development and UI/UX design. BoxDot is my take on the classic paper and pencil game that I played all the time growing up. BoxDot is under continual development as a side project of mine.

WSDOT Transit iOS App

Some UI created for a soon to be released iOS application that will quickly tell you how long it will take to get to your favorite places. It's a relatively simple app, that pulls data from WSDOT and gives you real time information on how long your commute will be.

Usability Engineering iOS Concept App

Designed for a usability engineering course taken at OSU. The app's concept is that it will generate photos/photographers whose photos match a certain mood or style you're looking for. In order to build up information on what types of photos you like/dislike it does a quick side by side comparison letting users choose which matches the style they're looking for.

WP8 Google RSS Reader Concept

Having been a huge fan of the Metro UI and the flat design of WP8, I tried my hand at a rather minimal RSS Reader. As you can see I'm a big daring fireball fan, as well as a huge fan of the Segoe font.

OSU eCampus Arabic Soundboard iPad App

While working for OSU's eCampus department, I created this arabic alphabet soundboard/whiteboard as a proof of concept app. I was in charge of re-implementing this app (both code and UI were created by me) as a native iOS iPad app from it's original form as a web-based flash app.