The Ottomans and Mughals

By: Diondre Watson and Marquell Dubois

Come and Join Us!!

  • Come and Join us, the Ottomans in Anatolia, Eastern Europe!

Mughals on the Move!!

Come Join us, the Mughals and our leader Mehmed the Second, in Anatolia, Eastern Europe! Don't just settle for that come with us to take over Constantinople and change the name to "Istanbul"!

The Great Ruler Osman!

Our ruler, Osman, was the most successful ghazi known to man! He started this small empire in Anatolia for him and all of his followers, The Ottomans!

Mehmed the 2nd takes power!

Mehmed takes power in the year 1451! He led 100,000 foot soldiers and 125 ships to gain control of Constantinople! He later named it "Istanbul"!

Next up...Babur!

Attention! Attention! In this year of 1494, 11 year old Babur, the descendant of Genghis Khan, will be taking the throne! Word says he will raise an army and begin to move South to gain parts of India! This excellent general and poetry lover is said to soon start an Empire called the "Mughal" Empire! Be prepared because big things our happening for us this year!

Jahan.....Shah Jahan???

King Akbar's son Jahan has taken his rightful place as the NEW king in this year of 1605! This king is different from other kings though; he shares MOST of his power with our beautiful queen, Nur Jahan! As time passes by, King Akbar decides to "spice" up his name. He then changes "King" to "Shah" which is another word for king. Shah Jahan was a patron of the arts and he also built beautiful buildings. He built the most elegant building the world has EVER seen, The Taj Mahal!