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English Language Arts Technology Integration Ideas

Creative Tools for Presentation

We all know that the best way to engage students in learning is to put them in the driver seat. Here are a couple powerful technology tools that I have used as an ELA teacher, to both facilitate teaching as well as for students to publish their own work. Prezi and Go Animate are both web-based, so they can be used on any device; the third, Davinci Note is a free app for the iPad. I always have students type their work and workshop their writing in Google Docs and then paste their final edited copy into these presentation tools. All three of these tools give students and teachers a URL to publish. They also give you an option to send via e-mail...which works great with Chromebooks, but not currently on the iPads.

The Power of Google Drive


Do you want a clear way to organize student Google documents and a way to easily share and create documents for students? Try Doctopus, one of Google’s many Apps Scripts to automate creating, sharing, grading and returning student work through Google Apps. I just tried this today and it is SO SLICK! Many of us are using Google Forms for students to turn documents back in to us, this script reverses the process and allows you to create a template and shoot it out to students. Each student then owns their own document and you have a link to each of their documents. In turn, you can e-mail students through this script their final grade and comments.

Watch video for step-by-step directions: & another one here:

The videos explain it pretty well, and when I tried it, it worked okay -but after a few tries. I would be happy to come out and help you set it up!

Opal D. L. Ehalt

TOSA, Instructional Technology Integrationist -IT Services

Share a link to a great project a student has done with technology this year in your class, and I may just bring you a mocha! of course, I will also give you full credit!