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Teaching Excellence & Bringing Our Schools Together in 2016

September 2015

Open House Dates for District Elementary Schools

Please join us for Open House!

  • September 17- Royalston Community School, doors open at 5:30 for book fair, Open House from 6:00-7:00
  • September 21- Riverbend/Sanders Street School- Sanders 5:30-6:30, Riverbend 6:30-7:30
  • September 22- Pleasant Street School, doors open at 5:30 for book fair, Open House from 6:00-7:00.

New Elementary School Project Tour - Sept. 14th

Members of the school building committee and community were invited to participate in a tour at the new school construction site on Sept. 14th. With hard hats and comfortable walking shoes they toured the site and were truly impressed with the progress on our new, state of the art, elementary school building project! The picture to the right was taken on August 17, 2015. Pictures taken below are from Sept. 14th. The building project is running on schedule to open for the 2016 school year.

News from Riverbend & Sanders Street Schools

Reading Report from Riverbend

Third and fourth grader readers are off to a great start with their reading! All of us have book boxes to keep our just right books handy for our independent reading. Third graders are working on plural nouns and fourth graders are reviewing contractions. All readers are beginning to use their Reader's Response Journal to keep track of their thinking. We are all looking forward to lots of fun in reading this year!

Pictured-above a student writing in her response journal and pictured below third graders building their stamina and enjoying their independent reading time.

Mrs. Tandy, Gr 3+4 Reading teacher
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Making Math Fun at Home!

Make math fun at home! When having a snack such as grapes, goldfish, pretzels, etc. have your student(s) practice counting. Ask him/her to count by twos or threes up to a given number. This gives them practice counting as well as recognizing patterns. Try advancing to counting by 5’s!

For higher grade level students have them practice making equal groups. This can easily be done for 2 or more students.

Example: 4 people are to share grapes, choose 32 individual grapes. You can ask your student to create 4 equal groups of 8 grapes. Then have them tell you what 4x8 equals. Another time you might give them the 32 grapes and show what 32 ÷ 4 is equal to.

Be creative and have fun with math at home!!

Mr. Guilbault

Riverbend School

Math Games in Second Grade

Students in Ms. Calvi Modzeleski's 2nd grade are learning how to be great math buddies. Students are using various strategies and number talk during these fun activies!

High Five Fridays

Pictured are Sanders Street kindergarten students with Ms. Jaskoviak, one of our elementary school counselors, participating in our High 5 program . High-Fives is a school-wide positive behavior program designed to create safe and more effective schools. The program provides a clear set of positive expectations and procedures throughout the school. Students receive coupons for good choices and are rewarded with copies of their hands and a prize. Every Friday is High-Five day at Sanders St. School.

To learn more about our district elementary guidance program as well as find useful links for families please visit our guidance webpage below.

Farewell to Ms. Morin, Thank you for your Service!

Just prior to the start of the new school year we received word that Mikaela Morin, one of our first grade teachers, was relocating and leaving Pleasant Street! Ms. Morin has been a wonderful teacher for our school district for the past 18 years. While she had only been at Pleasant Street for one year she had previously worked at Sanders Street and Riverbend. It is so hard to say goodbye! An unexpected opportunity presented itself and while it was a tremendously difficult decision for her, it was one that she needed to make for her family. On behalf of the Athol Royalston Regional School District we wish Ms. Morin (Thurber) very well in her future endeavors. Undoubtedly, she will continue to enlighten and to inspire youngsters as she continues her career in teaching.

Boxtops for Education

Please, please, please save all your Boxtops for Education and turn them in at your child's school. Better yet, ask your friends, family, and social contacts to also save them as well. It is free money (!) and it all adds up over time to support student enrichment activities that are funded by our local Parent/Teacher Organizations. Thank you for your support!

Elementary Physical Education News

After completing a full rotation through my four schools and meeting all the students every class has completed the task of helping me form our rules by piecing together my “What Should I be Doing in Physical Education” poster puzzle. We have participated in multiple movement infused name games. Whampum for Grades 4, 5, and 6 provided students with the opportunity to safely use a pool noodle on their classmates. Name shout for Grades K and 1 allowed these students to get their energy out and use their loud voices to tell me their name. We have finished up with our Project Adventure activities this week. These lessons have helped us learn how to behave in Physical Education, follow directions, work with others, and be safe. Currently we are working on Learning how to move safely and indifferent ways in Kindergarten and 1st Grade. 2nd and 3rd Grade are learning how move safely and use different objects in games while doing so. 4Th, 5th, and 6th Grade are working on offensive and defensive skills within various games and activities. Up next will be kicking and ball skills using our feet.

Mr. Anderson

Our School Council Needs Families!

Participating in School Council is an excellent opportunity for families to contribute to important school based decision-making and governance. Each school in the Commonwealth is to have a school council comprised of parents/ guardians, community representation, teachers, and the building principal. The role of school council includes but is not limited to:
  • Adopting educational goals reflecting student needs;
  • Reviewing the school budget;
  • Examine school practices and culture to promote a welcoming and inclusive environment supportive of family engagement;
  • Annually reviewing the student handbook;
  • Contributing to the development of the school improvement plan.

As we prepare to merge Riverbend/Sanders and Pleasant Street schools in 2016 we would like to begin meeting as a unified school council this year.

For more information on how you can represent Riverbend /Sanders Street on their school council please contact Principal Jan Williams by calling (978) 249-2415 or (978) 249-2410. For more information on how you can represent Pleasant Street School please contact Principal Dianne Ellis at (978) 249-2405. If you are interested in participating in school council at the Royalston Community School please contact Principal Molly Superchi at (978) 249-2900.

To read more about the important role of school councils please refer to the links below.

Parent Place Bulletin

Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

News from Pleasant Street School

It is with tremendous excitement that we start a new school year at Pleasant Street and in the Athol Royalston Regional School District. It is truly wonderful to see all of your children back at school and to welcome some new faces. The building just doesn't seem right without classrooms full of busy and inquisitive children.

This year marks my fifth year in the district as principal and my last year at Pleasant Street School! Next school year we will open the doors to our beautiful, brand new, state of the art Athol Elementary School!! As we prepare to combine Pleasant Street School, Riverbend, and Sanders Street Schools the district administrative team will be busy planning and preparing for that transition throughout this school year. Great attention and care will be given to not only the building project specifics- brick, mortar, and design- but also ensuring that teaching and staff assignments are made to insure the best possible people are in place within grade level positions and roles. The word "synergy" comes to my mind and as will look to create a learning environment where the sum total is far greater than the individual parts.

At school years end, when we close the doors at Pleasant Street, Riverbend, and Sanders Street Schools, the district will undoubtedly look to the community and to consider ways to honor and to celebrate the occasion. These respective schools have been a source of rich history within our community with grandparents, parents, and now their children all sharing a part.

There is so much more that I could say as we move forward into this new school year about our curriculum work, learning expectations, and the many ways we are teaching children to think at higher levels, but I will close with some final more personal thoughts. As my son went off to college recently and his absence is felt within the Ellis household in a thousand different ways, I want to challenge families to be truly present in your children's lives each day. Everybody says it, and it is completely true, your children will grow up too fast! So while they are young take the time to listen, to ask questions, and to celebrate in all of their little successes and challenges. Sit down and share meals together apart from the distractions of televisions, computer screens or phones. As parents and guardians we have tremendous influence in our children's lives and in their approach to school, to problem solving, and to setting goals for their futures. Set high expectations and your children will meet them!

Warm regards,

Principal Ellis

* This piece was originally published in the Pleasant Street School News on August 30, 2015.

Snapshots from Around Pleasant Street

Just a few pictures from the "Me Museum" in Mrs. Heuer's Third grade!

News from the Royalston Community School

Please enjoy the attached link to read about activities and happenings at RCS in their newsletter.

Community Events & Postings

Do you have news to share or want to inform members of our school community about family friendly events in our area? if so, please email or forward a flyer or link.

Thank you :)

Mother Goose on the Loose Playgroup-Thursdays 10am—11:30am Valuing Our Children 217 Walnut St. Athol. For more information contact: Jen: 978-249-8467 x 22

Petersham Playgroup- Beginning on Thursday, Sept. 17th from 10-11:30 at the Petersham Center School. For more information please call Jennifer at Valuing Our Children 978-249-8467 x22

Welcome Baby Baskets- Did you or do you know someone who just had a new baby? Valuing Our Children would love to pay them a visit with a basket full of goodies. For more information please call (978) 249-8487.

Big Brothers/ Big Sisters Program is enrolling children for the 2015-2016 school year program. They serve children in the Athol/Orange area with transportation provided from Riverbend and Butterfield Schools. Please click on the link below for more information about this program and how you can be involved.

September 2015 edition of the Common Thread, community newsletter of the North Quabbin Community Coalition

For other local events, happenings, and resources in this area... you can also check the North Quabbin Community Coalition website below:

These are not school sponsored events but are posted here as a public service for families in the greater North Quabbin community.

Upcoming Events...Mark your Calendars!

Upcoming Events and Dates!

  • September 17- Royalston Community School open house
  • September 21- Riverbend/Sanders Street open house
  • September 22- Pleasant Street School open house
  • September 23- District half day, noon dismissal, lunch is served
  • October 9- District professional development day, no school
  • October 12- Columbus Day holiday observed, no school
  • October 28-District half day, noon dismissal, lunch is served

For a copy of our school district calendar please click on the link below.

Check back soon for more news!

News from the Athol-Royalston Elementary Schools

Teaching Excellence &

Bringing Our Schools Together in 2016

The Athol Elementary Schools: Pleasant, Riverbend, and Sanders Street will come together in our new, state of the art, Athol Elementary School opening Fall 2016.