The Mad Hatter Tea Party

CAY Presents

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Please join us at our Annual CAY Purim Party for the best food, live bluegrass, much jesting and general revelry. We will wear mad hats, drink "tea" and party like the man in the picture.

  • The Best Food
  • Live Bluegrass
  • In House Comedy
  • Photo Booth
  • Open Bar (Free Drinks)
  • Costume Contest

Must be 21+ to enter


6:30 PM Megilla Reading (for everybody)

9:00 PM Party Begins

9:30 PM In-House Comedy And Roast


$20 Grateful Yid Members (at the door)

$25 Online Reservation

$30 At The Door

Buy Tickets Here

Saturday, Feb. 23rd 2013 at 9pm

306 Albany Ave

Brooklyn, NY

Event Committee:

Chani Kavka, Dini Reichman, Folli Tessler, Chanie Kaminker, Mushky Notik, Shlomie Hecht, Zevi Kugel, Rochel Cohen, Chaya'le Gluckowski, Rikki Klein, David Yarus