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Cumberland Academy Middle School

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Welcome To CAMS

Welcome to the first issue of our 6th Grade Blue Knights Team Newsletter and to Cumberland Academy Middle School! We are looking forward to sharing information with you each six weeks about our team and to introducing you to our great staff and students! We are so excited about our beautiful new campus and we think you will be too. Every detail has been designed to enhance the educational experience of our students and provide state of the art technology to insure learner success. Included in each issue will be a curriculum update from each of our core teachers, reminders about upcoming events at CAMS, a teacher spotlight, and news from our classrooms! Please feel free to let us know how we can serve you and your child throughout the year. We are looking forward to a productive and positive partnership with you. At CAMS, everyone is special!

Remind 101

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A Great Way to Connect!

Parents, students and staff are finding it easier than ever to stay connected with Remind 101. Remind 101 is a web-based text messaging service that will allow you to receive text messages from your child's teacher. You can even set it up to send you emails! The service is free and does not require you to share your phone number with anyone. Each teacher has their own set-up code for signing up. Look for information about Remind 101 from your child's teacher and get connected!

Curriculum Corner

Social Studies

Teacher: Cindy Nick


Focus: Contemporary World Culture- In sixth grade Social Studies, students study people, places, and societies of the contemporary world. A variety of primary and secondary resources support the learning of required content and skills. Regions studied include: North America, Latin America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and Antarctica.

First Six Weeks:

  • Unit 1- Introduction to Geography (5 Themes of Geography, Maps, Charts and Graphs Skills, Foundations of Culture, Government and Economics.
  • Unit 2- Celebrate Freedom Week
  • Unit 3- North America

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Teachers: Larry Boyd and Tom Rhodes


First Six Weeks: During the first six weeks the math classes will be reviewing and practicing long division and multiplication. The long division will deal with putting any remainders in mixed numbers and also decimal forms. We will distinguish between prime and composite numbers. This will involve factoring composite number down to prime numbers using exponents when appropriate. We will work on estimating and ordering decimals, fractions, and mixed numbers. We will also work on finding greatest common factors and least common multiples.


Teacher: Julie Cunningham


First Six Weeks: Understanding PLOT, CONFLICT and SETTING

in Fiction, NonFiction, Poetry, Drama, and Media

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Teacher: Lesley Hurley


First Six Weeks: Science will start out the year with properties of matter! We will be talking about physical properties of matter, as well as properties of minerals. We will then move on to chemical properties and changes in matter. Students will be able to identify changes in matter as chemical or physical by the end of this unit, as well as characteristics of each kind of change, through interactive labs and activities!

Language Arts

Teacher: Krystal Martin


First Six Weeks: Language Arts will focus on descriptive writing this six weeks. We will study the 8 parts of speech and students will be able to identify and use them in their own sentences. We will begin a designated spelling study week 3. Also, students will begin learning the writing process and the 6 traits of writing, with the focus on brainstorming and creative ideas. Encourage your student to write and journal often at home! The more creative their writing and vocabulary the better!

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Teacher Spotlight

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Larry Boyd- Math

Prior to coming to Cumberland Academy, Mr. Boyd taught 6th grade mathematics at Hogg Middle School in Tyler ISD. He graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor of Business degree and earned his teaching certificate from LeTourneau University. His wife, Lezlie is the accountant at Robert E. Lee High School. They have 3 sons, Bryan, Hunter, and Tucker. Mr. Boyd has been a basketball referee for 25 years and also enjoys umpiring youth baseball. The Blue Team is proud to have teachers like Mr. Boyd on our team!