A European Country Full Of Culture

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Capital of Belgium

The capital of Belgium is Brussels. Brussels is the biggest city in Belgium and has a mix of French and Flemish culture. From the end of World War II to present day, Brussels has been the political capital of Europe. Also, is ther capital of the European Union.

Major Cities

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The European Union

Belgium joined the European Union in 1957 and is one of the founders of the EU.
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History Of Belgium

Belgium shares an entwined history with two bordering countries Luxembourg and Netherlands.
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Belgium is located on the west border of Europe. South West of Belgium is the English Channeland the North Sea. North of Belgium is the Netherlands. South of Belgium is Germany, and South East of Belgium is Luxembourg.
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Flag Of Belgium

The flag of Belgium is is very small compared to other flags and is almost square. The colors of the flag (Black, Yellow, and Red) stand for freedom and revolution. The flag of Belgium has changed over the years depending on who the ruler was. The present day flag came from colors of the Duchy of Brabant.

The Woods Of Peace (Tourist Attraction)

Belgium's Woods Of Peace is a beautiful and quiet remembrance of the soldiers that fought in Battle Of The Bulge. Each of the 4,000 trees bear the name of each soldier that returned from the battle. Along with The Woods Of Peace, there is a nearby Mamorial called Mardassan Mamorial. When looked at by a birds eye view, the Mamorial is in the shape of a star or the UNICEF emblem: a mother and child which means human tenderness.
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Physical Features Of Belgium

Belgium (in total) is 30,528 square killameters. The country is split in 3 main regions:

1) Coastal Plain- A large flat piece of land located near the sea; Consists of many sand dunes and polders. (Peices of land taken away by the sea)

2) Central Plateau- Ground high up from sea level; Usually has little activity or progress)

3) Ardennes- A region of dense forests, rocky terrain, rivers, and many hills.

Belgian Currency

Before Belgium used the euro, they used a currency called The Belgian Franc. The Belgian Franc was in 3 categories:

1) 100 Dutch centiem

2) 100 French centimes

3) 100 German centimes

Then in 1999, Belgium currency was changed to the euro.

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Constitutional Monarchy

The Belgian government is a constitutional monarchy. This is when a king or queen acts as Head of State. The ability to make and pass new laws is decided upon with election by the people.

Interesting Facts