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What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a game of blocks. Created by Notch. Minecraft is where you go around building stuff or fighting off creatures.

Who is your character?

Your character is Steve. Steve can do many different things. In creative he can fly and has unlimited blocks. In survival he has to get his blocks to survive the night from monsters.

Survival vs. Creative

Survival is a world where you have to dig to get blocks, craft weapons, and survive the night.

Creative is a world where you have unlimited blocks, weapons, food, and armor. You can not die and you can turn off monsters.

Steps to find "an eggs guide to minecraft movie"

First you click the link above.

Next you type in the little searchbar, "an eggs guide to minecraft movie" It should be the first one.

Finally you watch and enjoy!


Mods are extra things you can buy and add to your minecraft account, like tornados.


Monsters that you have to fight in groups.


Updates are updates. You can't tell much about them. Sorry.


If you choose creative mode, then you will double tap the spacebar and hold it down and let go to fly.

Extra Facts

Notch accidentally invented the creeper while he was trying to make a pig.

Notch ALSO accidently invented this glitch guy named Herobrine while he was trying to make a Steve.


Ender Portal- The ender portal is made up of 2 different things, the eye of ender and the ender block. Put the ender block in rows of 3. It should make a square. Then put they eye of enders on the blocks. Make sure that if you are in the middle of the square they are facing you.

Nether Portal- To build this you will need obsidian and fire. You need to place the obsidian in a 5 by 4 order. Then light the bottom on fire. The square in the middle should become purple.

How to Move

To move in minecraft, your controls will be w, s, a, and d.

How to get to your inventory

To get to your inventory, when you press E it should pop up your inventory.

How to hurt animals/monsters

Click on the animal/monster it should turn red for a second. If you click it a lot it will die.


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