Patterson Staff FYI

A Weekly Newsletter for Staff Members 03-21-2016

MONDAY 3-21 D Day

  • Strickler, Goodvich, Dolloff, Raymoure, Teffer, Widdis out all day.
  • Spring Picture Day!

TUESDAY 3-22 A day

  • SAT Meeting 7:45


Kindergarten Round Up at Patterson


  • Staff Meeting

FRIDAY 3-25 D Day

  • No School-Good Friday

Quote of the week...

"Hey, did you ever hear of this game called Corn Hole?"

-JB Silvey

Author Visit

In celebration of National Reading Month, local author Karen Dickey and photographer Lauryn Goodvich will be visiting our school on Wednesday, March 30th with presentations for all grade levels. The schedule will be shared with you soon.

Discounted copies of the book will be available for purchase now through April 1st, and a portion of the proceeds from each sale will go towards the Patterson Playground Project!



Debbie Crowder 3-20

Jennifer Brancheau 3-25

Weekly Pledge Schedule

March 21- King

March 28-Church

April 11-Church

April 18- O'Neil

April 25- O'Neil

May 2- Marion

May 9- Marion

May 16- Shepherd/Dannecker

May 23- Teffer

May 31- Raymoure

June 6- McDowell


K- There were 6 kites in the sky. 2 fell down. How many are in the sky now?

1-Tom’s mother gave him 4 pennies. His father gave him 9 pennies. His sister gave him enough pennies so that he now has a total of 17. How many pennies did his sister give him?

2- My sister had 32 seeds to plant. I had 48 seeds to plant. How many seeds did we have altogether?

3-Marissa drew a rectangle that had an area of 42 square units. What might have been the side lengths of her rectangle?

4- See your Marvelous Math Monday sheet for this week’s geometry problem!

5-Matthew agrees to meet his friends at the ballpark for a 7:30 pm game. Trains leave the station near his home at 6:30, 6:50, 7:10, and 7:30pm. The train trip takes 30 minutes. He estimates that walking from his home to the train station takes 10 minutes and walking from the train station to the ballpark takes another 5 minutes. Which is the latest train that Ben can take without being late? Show your work and tell how you decided.


Kindergarten and Young Fives

Marion-William Hollenbeck

O’Neil-Anderson Jantz

Church-Houston Slate

King-Quinn Markovich

First Grade

O’Brien-Easton Creger

Silvey-Autumn Gaines

Widdis-Skye Marshall

Second Grade

Crowder-Chloe Miller

Miller-Ethan Preston

Dannecker-Grayson Grant

Third Grade

Day-Rayne Coster-Black

Dolloff-Dominic Newman

Graham-Josie Graham

Shepherd-Zachary Kaplan

Fourth Grade

Hutchins-Cemari Adams

McDowell-Owen Carney

Fifth Grade

Teffer-Lilly Larson

Raymoure-Nick Pullen

Character Assemblies Dates

April 15th

May 20th

Each date is an A day and will be held at 3:00

Certificates will be in the copy room prior to the date. Teachers will fill them out and put them in Sara or Stephanie's mailbox.