Battery Life

Easy tips for slowing the drain of your battery.

Battery Shut Down

  • Average electronic use: 53 hours
  • After the first month of buying an electronic its life can drain up to 35% faster than when it was new.

Effects of 0% battery life.

  • Bored
  • Fatigue
  • Death

Causes of problem.

  • Too frequent of over charging a battery can lead to shortened battery life.
  • A bad battery in the first place.
  • Usage of electronic in general.


  • Use only in warm conditions
  • Turn off while not in use
  • Turn off backlight and turn brightness down
  • Use your Ipod less

Best solution: Back Light

  • You can still use it, but you use a lot less energy.
  • Will keep your battery from being overused.


  • Effects everyone
  • All solutions work
  • Brightness down is the best
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