Cavalier Newsflash

Work HARD! Dream BIG! Believe in YOURSELF! Never GIVE UP!

Volume 2 - Issue 6 - August 26, 2019

Message from the Principal

Dear Cavaliers,

Thank you to all of our Math teachers for working hard this past Friday providing additional opportunities for struggling students to show mastery during Rise-Up Friday. This week our Social Science department will be working with students during Rise-Up Friday. The goal is to provide students with additional opportunities to show mastery of the core content standards.

Parents/Guardians, If your student gets an invitation to attend Rise-Up Friday, please encourage them to attend. Our first progress report is coming out September 6th, 2019, so please make sure that every opportunity offered to your student is taken advantage of.

Thank you for your hard work, dedication and remember;

At CVM we work HARD, we dream BIG, we believe in OURSELVES and we never, ever , GIVE UP!

Julio C. Alcalá


Chula Vista Middle School

SLT Meeting Update

Thank you to all the members of our SLT for all their hard work last week during our first cohort meeting. Rich discussions regarding the Learning Team process, lesson planning, assessment, data protocols and learning collaboratively were had by our team. It's exciting to see the progress that we have made, and the direction that we are headed in.

Stay tuned for more information on our next steps in our development as Learning Teams!

Thank you!

Mr. Alcalá

Rise-Up Friday!

This Friday 8/30/19 our Social Science Department will have their first Rise-Up Friday. This is an opportunity for students to improve their grade by staying after school on Friday to work with our Social Science teachers to attain mastery of specific core standards.

Please make sure you take this opportunity to show mastery and improve your grade!

Cavalier Trait of the Month


Assistant Principal's Corner

Nutrition Break Supervision - TEAM 2!

Team 2 please be at your supervision posts this week during nutrition break.

Thank you!

Mr. Casas

Curriculum Corner

Hello Cavelier Parents/Guardians and Educators,

One of the easiest ways our students can become high school and college ready is by helping them extending their use of academic vocabulary. To that end, we will be highlighting a new Integrated ELD or SDAIE strategy each month as we go forth in the 19-20 schoolyear. Our goal is to help students speak and write academically with more consistency. As you know, our new ELD standards call on all of us to have students engage in the three modes of communication (Collaborative, Interpretive, and Productive). Mr. Deyo has provided all of us with data rosters that can help us identify the student populations we serve from period to period and the stage that they are currently at in the spectrum of English Academic Language Acquisition.

A simple step in having students appropriate a more academic register, is to have them speak, share responses, and write in complete sentences. This can also be supported at home by our parents when they ask their children to also communicate in full sentences and ask them about some of the vocabulary they are discussing in class. Therefore, as we will continue to focus on the needs of our English learners and expand the academic language development of ALL of our students in our everyday classroom instruction, we can look to the language that students will need to produce to show they are attaining mastery of content and determine the level of support (light to substantial) they will need to vocalize or write. Provided are links to the resources that were shared at our pre-service days in July that may aid our work as we integrate ELD in each content area and push ALL our students to communicate content using stronger academic vocabulary,

Always evolving and learning,

Dr. Sanchez

ELD Resource Teacher

Thank You!

From the ASB

It's Academic Spirit Week!

Hello Cavalier Family

Just a reminder that this week is Academic Spirit Week. Check the attachment for more information.

Thank you!

Ms. Price

For the Common Good


Monday 8/26
  • Social Science Rise-Up Friday Student lists due to Mr. Deyo
  • Academic Spirit Week

Tuesday 8/27

  • RP Advisory - Circles
  • School Site Council Meeting After School
  • Velo-Youth Cycling

Wednesday 8/28

  • Velo-Youth Cycling

Thursday 8/29

  • RP Advisory - Achieve 3000

Friday 8/30

  • Dr. Janney visit
  • Early Release - Students out at 1:25pm
  • Rise-Up Friday (Social Science)
  • PLC Meetings (ELA, Science, Math, SCPA, Electives)

Saturday 8/31

  • Saturday Academy (8:00am - 12:00pm)

Focus on our Mission

The mission of Chula Vista Middle School (CVM) is to ensure that each student is provided with the skills to be college and/or career ready. Therefore, it is important that our students fulfill their potential towards success. We expect students at CVM to be active learners and we encourage them to participate in our special academic support and after-school programs.

Three Pillars to Support Success

This year we will COMMIT to maintaining a school-wide focus on the following three pillars to achieve our mission:

  1. Social Emotional Learning (SEL)
  2. ELD Strategies Across the Curriculum
  3. Purposeful PLC Collaboration

We Are CVM!

Chula Vista Middle Cavaliers