Modern-Day Slavery

20-30 Million Victims!

Domestic Work

Domestic workers work within their employers’ households, cooking, cleaning, child-care, elder care, gardening and other household work. Most victims forced to be a cleaner, nanny, etc. become trafficked when they are made to stay in the house, or when they work for little or no pay, and for a very long time. The victims do not need to be foreign and trafficked from a different country, being abused and tricked can happen to anybody.

Sex Trafficking

In situations of sex trafficking, a victim is forced to perform commercial sex or being a stripper for their controllers purposes. 80-90 percent of the women and children forced into slavery are sexually assaulted and abused. Sexual Abuse is one of the most unreported crimes in and out of human trafficking.

In need of help or for more information call: 1-888-3737-888