The Walt Disney Company

Movies and cartoons


Ever since Walt Disney studied art in Chicago, he enjoyed draw cartoons. In 1923 Walt Disney moved to Hollywood, California to join his brother, Roy Disney. He planned on being a movie producer or director, but he failed to find a job so he decided to make animated films or cartoons. Walt and his brother named their small business "Disney Brothers Studio."


When Walt first moved to Hollywood, all him and his brother had only 1 camera, a couple hundred dollars, and a small office which they used for a work space to make cartoons in. As they produced more cartoons and hired more employees, they needed more space to work so they moved their studio to a nearby building. Soon they began making more and more money. Disney Brothers Studio eventually became the Walt Disney Company.

What it is Like Now

Today the Walt Disney company has over $25 billion and has produced hundreds of movies. The Walt Disney company runs Disneyland and Disney World. They also run a few amusement parks in Japan and France. Disney owns many television networks such as ABC, Disney channel, History channel, A&E lifetime television, E! entertainment TV, and ESPN. They also own a MLB team and a NHL team. The Walt Disney company is better now than when it first started, because it makes more money and is one of the most popular producers of children's movies.

Effects on Society

The Walt Disney Company gave children a wider variety of movies and cartoons that are appropriate and enjoyable for young viewers. Since they opened Disneyland and other theme parks, Disney gave families a place to go on vacation that everybody can enjoy. Without the Walt Disney company it would be much harder to find movies for kids to enjoy and places that every member of the family will want to go.

Walt Disney

Walt Disney started the company because he was good at drawing and enjoyed making cartoons.

Facts about Walter E. Disney

  • He was born in Chicago.
  • He was the original voice of Mickey Mouse.
  • He produced propaganda films for the US government.
  • He won more academy awards than anyone else.
  • Died of lung cancer.


The Walt Disney Company's best seller and most important product is movies. The movies are marketed using previews and movie trailers that draw people in.
The Walt Disney Company intro - "There is only one Disney"