Waterford Crossing Newsletter

October 2017


Communication with homeowners about community events and board projects is important. A former resident use to format, print, and mail newsletters for the board. This was very helpful but still costly and frankly an outdated communication medium. We subsequently tried relying a bit more on the social media site Nextdoor, in addition to our website, for communication. However, we found that this was also not a great way to communicate. Finally, we have partnered with a provider to deliver communications directly to your inboxes. This will allow the board to communicate more effectively and more often. We hope you enjoy this new addition!


Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat is on October 31, 2017 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Please be extra cautious driving around during this time so as not to harm any little ghosts or goblins.


Our governing documents restrict certain types of decorations in October including lights and illuminated or self-illuminated objects. As part of our amendment package, we requested homeowners vote in favor of changes that would eliminate these restrictions. To date, we are about 24 votes short of passing that amendment. We will continue to collect proxy ballots until mid-December. In view of a change pending, we will not fine homeowners for such decoration violations this year. If the amendment does not pass, the board will be required to enforce the restriction as written next year.


Proxy Ballot Status

The board requested member consent beginning in January to nine amendments to our governing documents to improve operations as well as the community as a whole. Each amendment requires the consent of 75% of the entire community to pass. To date, we have collected proxy ballots from 82% of the community, but not everyone voted in favor of all the proposed amendments. There are currently three amendments that have passed, one that has failed, and five that do not have enough votes to determine a result. We will continue to collect proxy ballots until the middle of December after which changes will be implemented in accordance with the results at that time. Below is a summary of results thus far:
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If you are one of the 117 homeowners who have not yet voted, please do so soon! Links to the relevant documents are provided below. Also, if you would like to change your vote, just mail a new proxy ballot back to the clubhouse address below.

Cover Letter Explanation

Proxy Ballot

What has the Board been up to?


  • Replaced the roofs and gutters on the clubhouse and pool buildings
  • Updated Drake road pond with new trees, landscaping, and riprap
  • Leveled the sidewalks along the parkway
  • Fixed/Updated sprinklers along parkway (on-going)
  • Soil and reseed parkway
  • Painting of parkway light posts
  • New 72'' Ultra HD TV for clubhouse
  • New LED lights for tennis courts
  • New LED lights for clubhouse patio and volleyball court
  • Selection of a management company - Lawrence Community Management Group
  • Electronic newsletter!


  • Completing amendments to governing documents
  • Transitioning operations to management company
  • Refurbishing Drake monuments & fixing Boston monuments
  • Straightening parkway light posts
  • New timers for tennis court lights
  • Fixing damaged playground items
  • Nature Stone in pool bathrooms
  • Replace railroad tie retaining wall with stone next to school behind Kylemore
  • Addition of three new lots and property off of Ennis Drive & Clare Court
  • Retention basin dredging

Annual Meeting


We will set a date shortly and provide notification in a subsequent communication. At least 327 different homeowners must be present in person or by proxy for the meeting to be valid. We delayed the meeting in hopes that amendment F would pass to allow our meetings to be valid based on those who desired to participate. However, this does not seem likely being short 82 votes. Consequently, if we do not obtain participation by at least 327, the meeting will be adjourned and rescheduled until such time as we obtain the requisite numbers.


Do you want to volunteer your time to help the community as a board member? To run send a brief biography for publication in a subsequent newsletter to wchoa44149@gmail.com.

Note: The current board members will continue to serve until they either resign or a valid election can be held at an annual meeting with participation of at least 327 homeowners.