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Data Analyst at Capital One Financial

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While pursuing an MBA at the University of South Florida, Augustine Mohandoss took the time to become a member of Net Impact. Eventually, Augustine Mohandoss was asked to become the CFO of the student organization thanks to his skills in technical performance and leadership. Augustine Mohandoss has gone on to enjoy a successful career as an analyst and has even won several awards for his work. Capital One Financial currently employs Augustine as a business data analyst (contractor).

Augustine Mohandoss

In 2012, Augustine Mohandoss was awarded his MBA from the University of South Florida. This degree allowed Augustine Mohandoss to specialize in client consulting, financial analysis, and strategic planning. Augustine Mohandoss is also an expert in airline reservations, which has allowed him to serve as a system analyst, software engineer, and information analyst in the last few years. Augustine Mohandoss now works as a business analyst (contractor) for Capital One Financial.

Augustine Mohandoss on the Importance of Networking

Although Augustine Mohandoss now holds an excellent position as a business data analyst (contractor) at Capital One Financial, he is fully aware that networking within his industry is still incredibly important. In order to maintain his position and to improve his chances at being offered an even better job, Augustine Mohandoss continues to actively expand his network of industry acquaintances.

Augustine Mohandoss has leveraged his professional connections throughout his career in order to solidify his reputation as an expert analyst. By maintaining a variety of connections in the business world, Augustine Mohandoss ensures that he can keep up with industry news, trends, and job opportunities.

Augustine Mohandoss uses social media to maintain many of these relationships. With accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Plus, Augustine Mohandoss is able to stay in contact with a variety of connections around the world. In addition, Augustine Mohandoss uses social networks to remind his colleagues of his work and his interests so that they are aware of his abilities if they ever need to fill a position. Augustine Mohandoss recognizes that social media is now one of the best ways to stay connected professionally.

However, Augustine Mohandoss doesn’t rely solely on social media to create industry connections. Augustine Mohandoss also attends industry events and builds relationships with his current coworkers in order to expand his network. If you want to gain a better position within your field, Augustine Mohandoss recommends starting to build your network of industry relationships now so that you can develop as many connections as possible.

Augustine Mohandoss: the Secret to Winning Corporate Awards

Throughout his career, Augustine Mohandoss has demonstrated an unparalleled commitment to excellence. Augustine Mohandoss’s hard work at Anna University prepared him to succeed as an information analyst, a software programmer, a system analyst, and finally a business data analyst. All of these positions were demanding and challenging, but Augustine Mohandoss found ways to excel and even gain awards in honor of his hard work.

One of Augustine Mohandoss’s first corporate awards was the result of his work as a software programmer at MphasiS. The SPOT Award at MphasiS honors outstanding technical performance. As a part of the team that developed a Passengers with Reduced Mobility system for CO Airlines, Virgin Atlantic Airways, and US Airways, Augustine Mohandoss demonstrated excellent technical skills that were able to gain him this award.

In 2010, Augustine Mohandoss was serving as a system analyst for the Air Services team at MphasiS when he was given the Excellence in TQM-IT Leadership award. Once again, this award was a reflection of Augustine Mohandoss’s outstanding performance as well as his skills as a leader.

In order to win these awards Augustine Mohandoss demonstrated an intense commitment to his work. Augustine Mohandoss’s passion for producing high quality results allowed him to stand out to his superiors. Augustine Mohandoss has found that the secret to winning these awards is simply working hard and producing great results. In addition, Augustine Mohandoss recognizes that he had the good fortune to work with an extremely talented team of professionals that helped him to create great work.

Augustine Mohandoss: Life as a Business Analyst

When Augustine Mohandoss graduated from Anna University, his first jobs allowed him to gain experience in information analysis and system analysis, as well as software programming. In order to change directions and become a business analyst, Augustine Mohandoss decided to attend the University of South Florida in order to get his MBA. After graduating, Augustine Mohandoss was offered a position as a business data analyst (contractor) at Capital One Financial.

Accepting this position as a contractor at Capital One vaulted Augustine Mohandoss into the fast-paced world of business. Augustine Mohandoss had performed business analysis before for Ante Up Publishing, but conducting business data analysis for Capital One was a whole new set of responsibilities. Although Augustine Mohandoss faced a huge learning curve, he has now learned to thrive in the pressure-packed environment at Capital One.

So how do you learn to thrive as a business analyst? Augustine Mohandoss discovered that intense training and previous experience was crucial for succeeding as a business analyst. For instance, Augustine Mohandoss’s education at USF prepared him to complete many of the challenging tasks demanded of him at Capital One. In addition, his experience as an analyst prepared him to handle the different responsibilities that came with the job.

For Augustine Mohandoss, one of the most important secrets to success as a business analyst is the ability to go with the flow. Being flexible allows you to handle all of the different responsibilities that are thrown at you. Augustine Mohandoss has found that flexibility also helps business analysts to think creatively in order to improve their job performance.

Augustine Mohandoss: Balancing Your Time Between Work and Hobbies

When you have a high-pressure job like Augustine Mohandoss’s position as a business data analyst at Capital One Financial, it can be challenging to keep a good balance between your responsibilities at work and at home. Augustine Mohandoss enjoys his job as an analyst, but he also realizes that it is important to maintain a commitment to other activities outside of work.

Augustine Mohandoss has had a successful career as an analyst. Beginning as an information analyst, Augustine Mohandoss worked his way up to a position as a system analyst before attending grad school and gaining his current position at Capital One Financial as a contractor. Augustine Mohandoss has found that the best advice for balancing your time between your work and your home life is to prioritize every aspect of your life.

Throughout his career, Augustine Mohandoss has managed to keep up his volunteer work at Green Peace India, where he volunteered from 2008 through 2010. One reason that Augustine Mohandoss continues to support Green Peace India is that it provides him with a break from the responsibilities of his job. Of course, Augustine Mohandoss is also an avid supporter of Green Peace India’s mission to protect the environment.

In between his time at work and Green Peace India, Augustine Mohandoss still finds time to devote to his other hobbies and interests. For instance, Augustine Mohandoss enjoys bowling, so he often takes time to bowl with his friends. In addition, Augustine Mohandoss has a passion for historical documentaries, so he regularly takes time out from his responsibilities to enjoy a new documentary.

Augustine Mohandoss’s Advice on Building a Career

When Augustine Mohandoss first began his career as an analyst he worked as an information analyst and then as a system analyst. Augustine Mohandoss now works as a highly valuable business data analyst (contractor) for Capital One Financial. So how did Augustine Mohandoss build such a successful career?

To begin with, Augustine Mohandoss realized the value of good education. After earning an engineering degree from Anna University, Augustine Mohandoss eventually went back to school to get an MBA from the University of South Florida. These two degrees have been invaluable to Augustine Mohandoss as he has climbed the corporate ladder. Augustine Mohandoss’s MBA has been particularly important in helping him to gain better jobs in the business world.

In addition to pursuing a good education, Augustine Mohandoss advises potential businessmen to be willing to work hard in order to meet their goals. Since business is so competitive, the individuals who are willing to put in extra time and effort are often the ones who get promoted to better jobs. Although Augustine Mohandoss points out that it’s important to maintain some sort of balance with your home life, hard work is a crucial part of any successful career.

Augustine Mohandoss has also greatly benefited from making wise connections throughout his career. Developing a relationship with colleagues in all different areas of your industry can be enormously helpful when you’re trying to find a job. Augustine Mohandoss recommends taking the time to get to know people so that they are willing to help you out later on.

Augustine Mohandoss’s Advice on Improving Technical Performance

As a business data analyst (contractor) at Capital One Financial, Augustine Mohandoss experiences a lot of pressure to perform well. Since Capital One is such a major company, Augustine Mohandoss has to be on his game every single day. However, Augustine Mohandoss has found that his previous experience and training have been valuable assets for this position. If you want to improve your technical performance in the workplace, Augustine Mohandoss offers the following advice:

- Go through appropriate training. If you haven’t been adequately trained for your position, ask for help. If your employer isn’t going to provide the kind of training you want, find a program that will train you for success. Augustine Mohandoss worked as an analyst for several years before deciding to go back to school and get an MBA in order to advance his career.

- Have a positive attitude. Even if you aren’t the most skilled employee, maintaining a good attitude will help you to establish a better position in your company. Augustine Mohandoss has found that he performs better when he is has a positive attitude about his work.

- Practice, practice, practice. It may take you a while to improve your technical performance, but if you put in the time to perfect your skills, Augustine Mohandoss is confident that you will be pleased with the results. Even better, employers like to see that their employees are committed to improving their skills.

- Learn from your colleagues. If you are surrounded by coworkers that are more experienced than you, Augustine Mohandoss recommends observing their work to figure out where you can improve.

Leadership Advice From Augustine Mohandoss

Throughout his career, Augustine Mohandoss has had many opportunities to act as a leader. From his early work at MphasiS to his time at the University of South Florida and his position as a contractor at Capital One Financial, Augustine Mohandoss has been placed in leadership positions again and again. Thanks to these experiences, Augustine Mohandoss has learned many valuable lessons on how to be a great leader.

Augustine Mohandoss’s penchant for leadership began early and was recognized during his time as a software programmer at MphasiS. In 2008, MphasiS honored Augustine Mohandoss with the SPOT Award for Technical Performance. This corporate award reflected the fact that Augustine Mohandoss was a leading performer in his department. Later on, MphasiS also recognized Augustine Mohandoss’s leadership abilities by presenting him with the Excellence in TQM-IT Leadership Award when he was a part of the Air Services Team.

Augustine Mohandoss’s leadership skills were not simply confined to his work at MphasiS, however. While studying for his MBA at the University of South Florida, Augustine Mohandoss served as the CFO of a student organization. As a business data analyst (contractor) at Capital One Financial, Augustine Mohandoss is seen as a leader within his department.

So how do you develop your skills as a leader? Augustine Mohandoss recommends taking courses on leadership in order to learn specific leadership tactics. In addition, Augustine Mohandoss emphasizes the importance of connecting with your colleagues on an individual basis as a leader. Finally Augustine Mohandoss recommends that aspiring leaders focus on producing high quality work so that they can prove that they are worthy of leadership positions.

Augustine Mohandoss on the Value of Specialization

Before Augustine Mohandoss earned his MBA, he spent several years working as a system analyst and an information analyst for different companies like MphasiS and EDS India. During that time, Augustine Mohandoss became an expert in the field of airline reservations because the companies that he worked for were involved in the technical side of airline companies.

For instance, Augustine Mohandoss was involved in providing consultation on reservation systems for US Airways and Continental Airways when he was a system analyst at MphasiS. As an information analyst at EDS India, Augustine Mohandoss was a part of the support staff for the merger between US Airways and America West Airlines. Throughout these different experiences, Augustine Mohandoss developed a deep understanding of how airline reservations work. The most important projects were the Continental Airlines and United Airlines merger and the Continental Airlines inclusion to Star Alliance Network.

When Augustine Mohandoss began attending the University of South Florida in order to gain his MBA, he realized that he had to pick a specialty in the field of business and become an expert. Since he already had experience as an analyst, Augustine Mohandoss chose financial analysis and Information System Analysis as his specialties. In addition, Augustine Mohandoss focused on strategic planning and client consulting.

By specializing in these specific areas of business, Augustine Mohandoss was better prepared to get a job when he graduated. As an expert in financial analysis, Augustine Mohandoss was able to land a position as a business data analyst (contractor) at Capital One Financial. Augustine Mohandoss is convinced that his hard work in his areas of specialization was one of the most important factors in getting him this powerful job.

Augustine Mohandoss: the Benefits of Getting an MBA

Are you thinking about getting an MBA? Even though it’s hard work, Augustine Mohandoss highly recommends pursuing the degree. Augustine Mohandoss recently received his MBA from the University of South Florida with a focus on client consulting, strategic planning, and financial analysis. Since completing his MBA, Augustine Mohandoss has had incredible opportunities as an analyst. Augustine Mohandoss has even had the chance to become a business data analyst (contractor) for Capital One Financial.

Augustine Mohandoss would never have gained this incredibly job opportunity if he had not first put in the hard work to gain his MBA. Having this degree has opened many doors for Augustine Mohandoss, so he suggests that any aspiring business analyst should consider getting an MBA.

One of the most obvious benefits of having an MBA is that it is a job requirement for many of the best jobs in the fields. Without an MBA, Augustine Mohandoss points out that you might not even get considered for a job, even if you have plenty of experience. By simply getting an MBA, you become a more viable candidate for many positions.

In addition, all of those long hours of studying do pay off. That knowledge and experience will equip you to succeed in many jobs, according to Augustine Mohandoss. If you have more in-depth knowledge than your coworkers, your work is going to stand out to your superiors. Augustine Mohandoss has found that almost every single class he took at USF has given him useful skills and knowledge for his current work.