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Job summary

Being a vet you provide care to a wide range of animals. You examine sick animals to find the cause of the injury or disease. There is often hazardous conditions, you have to be extremely careful. To be a vet you have to have certain skills which include working with others, speaking, math ,science, and leadership skills.

Related jobs

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  • Animal training
  • Park manager
  • Animal caretaker

Collages for vets

Typical Day

No two days are alike, but we try and keep a schedule. We start at 8:15 with appointments, which are usually vaccinations and sick exams. This usually lasts 1-2 hours.Then we do the surgeries of the day which primarily consist of spays, neuters, de- claws, and dental 's. Any drop off's or sick animals are scheduled in between appointments. Lunch time is a time for catching up on paperwork and a quick break. The afternoon is booked with appointments every 15 minutes. You usually leave at 5 or 6.

education required

At the least you need 5 years or more of schooling. You need a degree of DVM which means Doctor of Veterinarian Medicine. It is equal to a PH,D. Collage will cost 9,576.

Average yearly salary

The average salary of a vet in Iowa is 76,000 a year.

Best place to find a job as a vet

The best place to find a job as a vet is pretty much everywhere. There are more people feeling the need to treat their pet as family.

Reason I want to be a vet

I want to be a vet because I love animals and want to give them a second chance. Everyday is different so I won't get bored. I am questioning, creative, and outgoing. I think this is the perfect job for me because I work well with people and very kind with animals and not afraid to get dirty.