Harley Davidson

The Globalization of

Harley Over the Years

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Harly davidson World Globalization

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Harley Davidson Has major production facilities mostly in America. They have minor production facilities globally that produce minor things to produce their motorcycles. They are produced in France, Sweden, Japan, and The U.S.A
1) There might be a difference from where a food product is manufactured compared to where a consumer item is manufactured because you can only get certain foods in certain countries compared to parts that can be produced anywhere.
2) The first Harley Davidson Plant was in Milwaukee. They kept the plant in the United Sates But moved it to York, PA. They did Export some production to Japan in 1912. They have multiple plants in England, Singapore, Brazil, and India.
3) The largest markets today for Harley Davidson is in the United States. That is where they sell the most motorcycles to the people.