Kindergarten Newsletter

Friday 19th May

I hope you all had a wonderful mother's day and that you all got the card your child made for you and also the plant they grew. They were so excited about these. I hope you enjoy them as they were made with love for you.

Music. Today the children had Hippie day in music.

Social Studies and Science. The children are learning about the rainforest and are making a mural. They are changing one end of the classroom into a rainforest. They are thrilled and very interested in this topic. They are learning great facts about the rainforest.

In math The topic of telling the time by hours and learning what passage of time means is being studied. The children are also working on math addition tiles and math books. They have completed the tangram work which they really enjoyed, although at times it was challenging.

Language Arts. This week the children wrote stories about and what they Reading is progressing well and the children have a new set of sight words.

Assembly. The children made cards.

Cooking. Andrew Connolly came in to cook. The children loved the waffles, strawberry yoghurt ice cream and strawberries. What a treat on a hot day. Thank you.

Library. The children will have library but they will not get any new books.


Please make certain you have signed up for conferences on Thursday 25th May.

The conferences will be in the office off 2nd grade. Down stairs in the lower school building.

Have a wonderful weekend.

In Peace and Friendship.


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