Lawyer Research Project

Dani McClary

Positions within a Law Firm

Managers: Make time for regular feedback. Even in a remote work situation, feedback should be day-to-day, and it doesn't have to be formal. This is your opportunity to set clear expectations and address anything about the remote work situation that is/isn't working. Be open in discussing productivity if you think it's an issue.
Telecommuters: Keep your team posted. To avoid the assumption that you are sitting on the couch catching up on Season 3 of Downton Abbey, be available to your team so they can depend on you for support and connection. Send "FYI" updates to the team so everyone is in the loop. Figure out how to anticipate the needs of your team - even from a distance.
Everyone: Make some face time. It's difficult to build a strong company culture when people don't see each other. If possible, make face time with your co-workers at least once a week. Meet for coffee, grab lunch, or go to the office for meetings. As the Yahoo HR Department put it: "Yahoo isn't just about your day-to-day job, it is about the interactions and experiences that are only possible in our offices."

Patent Lawyer

* Counsel inventors, investors, and companies in patent laws
* Prepare patent applications and present them to the appropriate federal authorities
* Prosecute or defend individuals and industries in patent infringement cases
* Research cases by interviewing victims, witnesses, and people accused of the crime
* Gather evidence and prepare their case
* Conduct the court case and summarize it to the jury.

Lawyer Interaction

Even a lawyer who loves his work occasionally experiences

feelings of dissatisfaction and failure in his dealings with clients.

The causes of dissatisfaction are varied and not always clear, even

to the lawyer. They may range from client ingratitude to the

institution and prosecution of malpractice litigation.