Did you hear?

The Lyme/Arthritis disease has been spotted!

Yep you heard it! It was first spotted in 1975 and somehow came back! Many cases were found in New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. So if you live there you may want to know what the Lyme disease is.

Wait WHO brought the disease and HOW?

Many people brought the disease here! Deer ticks are what gives us the disease, because they carry it! If you are in the woods or someplace that deer ticks are found, you could get the disease!

Hold up WHAT is Lyme disease anyways?

Lyme disease is a disease you get from a deer tick bite. The germ that causes this is the borrelia germ. The lyme disease has side effects to it, you get "bullsey" rashes, which are rings around the tick bite. You also get arthritis, nerve problems, and flu-like symptoms.

Where is all this stuff happening?

Some people may ask, where in your body does this disease affect? I would reply wherever you got bit. If you got bit in your arm by a deer tick then you get a rash on your arm.


Doctors are trying to find a treatment that will stop people from getting the lyme disease. If you were to get it thought you would need to take antimiotics to get rid of it. While taking the medication it takes around 2 - 4 weeks to heal/feel better.

Try to stay away from any places with deer ticks in them, like the woods, if you don't want this disease. If you were/are in the woods with deer ticks make sure to check all over, just so you can get any ticks off if they were there.