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Mrs. Kelley's 3rd Grade Class Newsletter

Celebrate Freedom Week! September 2013

Kids are settling in and doing very well with our classroom routines. I'm proud of their citizenship and kind behavior! Please celebrate when your child brings home an ALL GREEN SMILEY FACES conduct calendar. There have been a few "yellow" clip days for a few kiddos. This is usually because they did not follow directions the first time. We will continue to work on this. Just for your information, our Behavior System is pretty simple. Every child begins every day with their clip on GREEN; which denotes READY TO LEARN. If I feel they need a warning I will firmly let them know but there is no consequence at this point. If another reminder is needed then children move their clip to YELLOW; which denotes they need to SLOW DOWN. This results in an extra lap around the track at recess. ORANGE will be teacher's decision for a consequence, and holy moly...RED is bad news!! That means I will contact parents. Our class is very kind and usually pretty good at following directions so I am hopeful that no clips will land on RED. Let's keep our fingers crossed!! :)

Here is a rundown of our lessons for the week of September 16th:

Math: Problem Solving, Base-Ten number systems, Place Value to 1,000 and Representing groups of 10's in 3 digit numbers. We also continue with daily math fact practice. (We had a math assessment over Unit 1 on Friday. Please look for your child's test in this week's Tuesday Folder.)

Spelling: Words Their Way Lesson 2. The kids did a great job with their first spelling test last week. Please continue to work with your child throughout the week to practice their new words.

Science: Properties of Matter. We will have a quiz over matter later in the week.

Writer's Workshop: Our focus in writing continues to be complete sentences. I have seen an improvement but we still need work in this area.

Reader's Workshop: I will focus on vocabulary strategies this week, as well as sounding out or "chunking" unknown words.

Social Studies: This week is CELEBRATE FREEDOM WEEK. We will talk about freedom as well as good citizenship all week in Social Studies. Kids are learning about important "good citizens" in history. Last week we read and learned about Harriet Tubman and Helen Keller. This week we take a close look at Jackie Robinson.


Mon: Music

Tue: PE

Wed: Art

Thur: Science (Please return Library books by Thursday)

Fri: Library

Homework Sept. 16-22

My Third Grade Homework Kelley’s Kids

Week of September 16, 2013


__Study spelling words and activity

__Practice cursive

__Read to accomplish 9 for 9 challenge


__Study spelling words and activity

__ Read to accomplish 9 for 9 challenge


__ Study spelling words and activity

__ Read to accomplish 9 for 9 challenge


__ Study spelling words and activity

(Test on Friday)

__Read to accomplish 9 for 9 challenge

__ Practice cursive


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