MHS Class of 2021!!

Senior Tasks!

Happy almost graduation!!!

Class of 2021! Counselors look forward to celebrating with you on May 14th! In the meantime, we need you to complete some final tasks related to the end of your high school careers. Namely, counselors need ALL seniors to complete the MHS Senior Survey. The counseling and administrative team use the survey data to develop programming for our students; your opinion helps shapes the future of our school!

Likewise, we need all college-bound students to also:

  • Complete the Scholarship Survey. The self-reported information is scrolled at graduation.
  • Update your TSAC email address (use your personal email) and school within Financial Aid Summary section (if you are attending school in TN). Please note: TSAC Student Portal password requirements have changed. When you login to the portal, you will be automatically prompted to update your password.
  • Set your final transcript in SCOIR. This is how we send your final grades to your future college -- Finish strong, friends. In SCOIR, click the "my colleges" tab and drag and drop your school of choice to the "Where are you enrolling" box.
  • Email admissions reps of schools where you will not attend.

All of these tasks should be completed by Thursday, May 6 for MHS College Signing Day! Visit with your school counselors during lunch to sign the Class of 2021 banner and receive a sweet treat to celebrate College Signing Day!

As always, with questions, feel free to reach out to someone in our counseling team!

J. Abernathy (A-G), R. Scarbro (H-N), K. Holland (O-Z), M. Vaughn, M.Martin, K. Porter

NCAA/NAIA information

  • Athletes -- make sure you indicate on the senior survey that you need your transcript sent to the NCAA, if you are plan to play competitive NCAA sports in 21-22.
  • If you plan to play a sport at a NAIA school make sure that you have registered and indicate your plans on the senior survey.

TN Promise eligibility...

Seniors --If you intend to use TN Promise at your community college or technical school next year, ensure you are taking these steps to remain eligible for the program:

  • Watch the MANDATORY webinar by June 1, 2021. To do this, you must set up your tnAchieves Connect account. Check your text messages from tnAchieves or follow the steps here.
  • Complete and submit community service hours by July 1, 2021

Questions? Be sure you are reading ALL TN Promise emails or contact your TN Promise mentor for assistance.

*Should you maintain your TN Promise eligibility as a back up plan? Maintaining eligibility through the summer of 2021 may be a wise decision if your intended college has not published details about COVID procedures for the 21-22 school year. You always have the option to decline the scholarship.

How do I send my AP scores to colleges?

AP students: you are responsible for sending your AP scores to your college of choice. Follow this link for details: AP score reports.

Senior Dual Enrollment Transcripts -- READ THIS!!!!

Seniors - If you completed a DE course this spring 2021, please provide Mrs. Burchfield ( a copy of your UNOFFICIAL PSCC (see below)/MC transcript by May 12. In order for MHS to transcribe your DE grade from your post-secondary school, Burchfield must have that documentation. Thus, you need to send her your transcript from MC/PSCC. With questions, email her at

The below picture is from a current senior's My Pellissippi account. The circle represents the link that you click to print your unofficial web transcript for Mrs. Burchfield.

(As an aside: All students who took DE courses during your high school careers (11th-12th grade) --- You will also have to request that PSCC/MC sends your official DE transcript to whatever school to which you enroll post-MHS. Each school maintains its own policies for sending transcripts, so please refer to PSCC and MC's published documentation about sending academic records. For instance, Jane completed DE Psychology 1030 in 11th grade and DE English 1020 at PSCC this spring. In order for Jane to get the Psych 1030 and English 1020 transfer credits at Tennessee Tech, Jane must request that PSCC sends her transcript to TTU records office.)

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College Signing Day and Senior Task Deadline!!!

Thursday, May 6th, 11:30am-1:30pm

825 Lawrence Avenue

Maryville, TN

  • Finish up your senior tasks by May 6th!
  • Meet your school counselors in the cafeteria during lunch for a piece of hot fudge cake!
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