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American Institute of Floral Design

Specialization schools/programs (4weeks-1year)

The Typical Day of a Florist

Florists start an early day off with a trip to the market checking orders and picking up various needed shop supplies. When arriving at work often times they need to unload and maintain flowers from flower trucks. They also at some point need to fill orders by making the arrangements and organizing all shipments and deliveries.


anywhere between 35 and 45 thousand

Job Demographics!

Florists can open a shop ANYWHERE! Although the best paid floral shops are in; Washington, Nevada, Colorado, California, New York, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Jersey and Delaware.

Negative Aspects of being a Florist

-Hard Physical labor

-Difficult Customers

-Long hours

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Fun Fact!

Weddings and funerals make up about 30% of florist's sales, business contributes for another 20% and holidays contribute a huge 50% to a florist's sales.