Hopping mouse

By giao

Quick stats

  • These animals live up too 3 years
  • They live at the Central Of Australia to Western Australia
  • A Hopping Mouse is a omnivore

Where do they live?

  • Hopping mouse lives around Victoria's Great Desert at Australia.
  • The Latitude Is 28.44885 and the longitude is 126.78522.
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What is the Behaviour ?

  • The hopping Mouse is very social, unsettled and nocturnal.

What is it's Diet?

  • The hopping mouse is omnivore(vegan)it eats seeds, levels grains and nuts


  • The hopping mouse predators are owls, dingos, domestic cats and snakes.


  • A hopping mouse hops and gallops to get to places also run away for predators faster at night.
  • They have a lot of chances surviving because they are nocturnal which means they hunt at night and sleep in the day time.
  • Like many desert animals these animals can survive without drinking water for a long time.
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