Whats inside a Computer

Whats inside a motherboard


Pci Slot stands for Peripheral Component Interconnection. It's the most common interface. It's the Computer Bus which is used in order to connect peripheral add-on devices. For example: network cards, sound cards and others.

Cmos battery

CMOS stands for Complementary Metal Oxide Semi conductor. It is the smallest amount of the mother board. CMOS battery gives power to CMOS memory. In this way all the data is saved even if the computer is turned off.
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SATA stand for Serial Advanced Tehnology attachement. SATA is an interface that connects hard drives and cd or dvd to the computer motherboard. It has replaced PATA (1980)

IDE connectors

IDE connectors stands for Integrated Drive Electronics known as A .T.A. It is an interface that connects a mother board to storage devices (hard drives and cd- dvd.) It contains two IDE device connections as well as two mother board connectors and two data cables
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