Marsh Weiss Newsletter!

Week of May 4, 2015

Lots of good info here!

I's getting to the end of the year, our attention span is fleeting, but PLEASE PLEASE read!


Movie with Marsh Weiss THIS FRIDAY!

Not too late to buy a ticket!

I will find out pick up time but I'm guessing around 5/5:30

We also still have space for more families at the June 6 Kindergarten and 2nd Grade Pool Party, which includes swimming, a taco truck, popsicles, and sangria for parents. At the home of a WHE family in the Hollywood Hills. Celebrate the start of summer with your best school friends!

Spring Concert - Dates and Costumes

So every grade will be singing about a part of the world and our country is MEXICO.

All we need is a White and Green shirts so please find your child below to know what color your child will need to wear. (Think of the color green from the Mexican flag!)

They are asking for 1/3 wear white and 2/3 wear green. If you do not like your color, PLEASE DO NOT COME TO ME! Find a family with an opposite color and see if they will trade!















Mia M



Daniel R.






Daniel Z.


The day and time are up in the air due to conflicts with field trips but will give you a date asap!! More then likely will be either Wed. 27th or Fri. 29th at 8:30am.

Apple Fitness Challenge!

So many of you have seen the Apple Fitness forms come home in your kids folder!

This great event helps fund our schools Apple Program.

We need an infusion of money every year in order to support the existing equipment, pay for tech support, and train teachers, and Apple Fitness has been a fun event we've done in the past that the kids really like.

It s a great day of games and physical challenges that our kids will participate in and getting a check mark for each one they finish!

We're asking our families to TRY to get 10 pledges of $20 each in order to reach the $50,000 overall goal.

We would really like to have the kids be in charge of getting their own pledges and not just have parents write a $200 check.

Permission slips are REQUIRED in order to participate!!!

Forms can go back to teachers or there will be a box in the office. If you know of any companies that might want to sponsor this event there's information on that same webpage about sponsorship (gyms, dance studios, gymnastics, etc.).

We need about 30 volunteers to do things like setup and run the fitness events from 8:30 - 11:30 that day. Michelle (Ms. Craig's class) will get a signup genius together and I'll get that link to you.

Gala News!!

Short and sweet...

Last year we made $120,00

this year....we made $132,000!!!!!!

And we still have 2 big money making opportunities!!!

Awesome job parents!!

This takes me to.....

Pop Up Art Show!

Friends of West Hollywood Elementary (FOWHE), Voila! Studio and the arts committee is excited to announce our first ever, one night only "pop-up art gallery" fine arts exhibit and sale on Weds., May 13th at Voila! Studio (518 N. La Brea, between Melrose and Beverly) from 4-8 pm.

Up for sale will be incredible donated works by notable artists, photographers, and LA street artists, as well as classroom art that the kids from West Hollywood have created.

Donated art will be for sale at incredible prices, and we are overwhelmed by the generosity of the artists who have contributed.

The evening will be casual and fun - with live music, a museum style pop-up shop filled with something at every price point, free drinks (donations welcome) and food.

Best part? All of the proceeds go right back to our kids to help fund important programs that LAUSD no longer pays for - PE, teacher aides, music, art, field trips, assemblies and more.

Please go to our facebook page for more info, as well as let us know you're coming!

And, check out our website to see the list of all artists who have donated so far and please check out their pages because we are so grateful to them!

The class art will be on display at school tomorrow (May 6) morning only!!

Charity Buzz Auction Site!

We've got several collector items for bid on the Charity Buzz non-profit auction site. Please help us get these items to their highest values by sharing this link with friends and family:

Our auction ends TOMORROW, May 6, at 3:00 PM.

Helping Nepal!

Ms. Libbie announced that we are collecting new blankets and individually packaged toothbrushes and toothpaste for victims of the Nepal earthquake. There will be a box in the lobby where you can drop off until Friday, May 15.


You can still customize and order yearbooks through the end of today (May 5) but if you order later, the yearbooks will be mailed to your homes and not be received before the end of the school year for signing.

Dates to Remember!

Fri. May 8th - Coffee with the principle, Patio behind teachers lounge

Tues. May 12th- Executive board meeting 8:30 B5

Wed. May 13th - Extraordinary Art Show 4-8

Fri. May 22nd. - Apple Fitness Challenge

Mon. May 25th - Memorial Day NO SCHOOL

Tues. May 26th - Executive Board Meeting 8:30 B5

Wed. 27th OR Fri 29th - SPRING CONCERT

Fri. May 29th - FREE DRESS

Thurs. June 4th - LAST DAY OF SCHOOL / Minimum Day

Thank you so much for taking the time!!

Don't forget reading to our class and cleaning! Our kids still love and appreciate it!

A HUGE THANK YOU to Miriam who came in Friday afternoon and transformed our room!!