Beach Buddies' Bulletin

November 5-8

Our week in K...

This week we explored monsters! We read several monster stories and made a monster graph to choose our favorite monster story. We finished our owl study and wrote about our new learning.

In other literacy learning we:

*made a color words chart

*counted the number of letters in words

*played rhyming and blending games

*visited the computer lab to explore

Math Workshop

In Math we graphed M&M's, made shapes with pegboards, played coin recognition games, measured pumpkins, and counted by 10's with the 100's chart.

Candy Science

What happens when you put M&M's in water? How about Skittles? Ask your kindergartner! We made a "hypothesis" and asked many questions! We tested it out and wrote about our observations.

Razzle Dazzle Readers

Wow! We have had 100% of our Razzle Dazzle Reader sheets returned for the past 2 weeks. Thank you for making reading a priority at home. It shines through in your kids!

Beach Buddies' Blog

Check out a slideshow from our trip to Fair Haven Farms.

Apps to Share

Bugs and Buttons is a math app we use that is normally $2.99, but free today only! Act fast!

Writing Wizard is an engaging writing app that invites kids practice writing letters and words. You can even add your own words so kids are practicing certain star words, names, etc. High quality app!

Classroom Donations

Looking for something to donate to our classroom? We are hoping for:


thick and thin Crayola markers

plastic spoons

sandwich size Ziplock bags

Thanks for thinking of us!

Next week...

We are looking forward to next Friday- the 50th day of school! Thanks to many of you who offered to assist with this fun 50's style celebration!