CAP Children's Discovery Center

Lindsey Wieland

About CAP Children's Discovery Center

The CAP Children's Discovery Center is a community development agency that includes a head start program, along with child care services and a 4K program. The Discovery Center offers a year-round state licensed facility, highly qualified staff, community 4K, developmentally appropriate activities, health and nutrition specialists, field trips, resource visitors, and a healthy, clean environment. The Discovery Center was awarded a five-star rating from the YoungStar Rating and Improvement Program.

The CAP Children's Discovery Center is funded mostly by government funding for the head start program, along with tuition, grants, and the Stevens Point Area School District for the four year old kindergarten program.

The CAP Children's Discovery Center is located at 3109 John Joanis Drive in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. They are open from 6 am - 6 pm, Monday-Friday. They service the Portage County area.

How many children go to the Children's Discovery Center?

There are currently 114 children ages 6 weeks-5 years enrolled at the Children's Discovery Center. This includes children who are in the 4K program, child care, and head start programs.

The History of the Children's Discovery Center

The Children's Discovery Center, part of the CAP Services Inc. was built in Stevens Point in 2009 to help meet the needs of families in Stevens Point and the surrounding areas. While The Children's Discovery Center is fairly new, CAP Services Inc. has been around for over 40 years!
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What Services does the Children's Discovery Center Provide?

Aside from the child care, head start, and 4K programs, the Children's Discovery Center works with many different community resources to ensure each child's needs are being met. The center provides an on-staff nurse who helps to care for each child. Different specialists are brought in when needed from within the community. Some of these specialists may include speech and language specialists, individuals from the Autism Organization, and specialists from the Stevens Point Area School District. These specialists may help children who may show early signs of a disability that may affect their ability to function in school as they grow. The on-site nurse also performs screenings, such as vision and hearing screenings, on children to catch symptoms early on.

Who evaluates the program, and how is it evaluated?

Each of the Children's Discovery Center's programs are evaluated in different forms. The head start program has their own evaluation, which is completed at least once every three years. YoungStar and the Wisconsin Licensing both evaluate the child care program. YoungStar is evaluated yearly, and looks into the quality of the care that is provided for the children that attend the center. Wisconsin Licensing evaluates the center at least once every six months, and is based off of set standards the state decides child care centers should meet.

How does the Children's Discovery Center interact with schools and parents?

The Children's Discovery Center is very parent-friendly, with an entire room filled with different resources for parents to investigate. The child care side of the center interacts with the parents of the children serviced on a daily basis. From checking their children into the center in the morning to picking them up in the evening, the child care staff have an open relationship with all parents involved. The teachers who work for the center not only communicate with parents, but also with the Stevens Point Area School District to provide services to children who may show a need for them.
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If my child has special needs, how will they obtain services through the Children's Discovery Center?

It all depends on the needs the child has. Often times, we will meet as a team, with the parents and teachers included. We will discuss what that child needs in order to become successful once school starts, and make goals for that child. We will have specialists come in as needed, depending on the disability the child presents. Some children need a specialist every day, and others need a specialist once a month. The Children's Discovery Center strives to make each child's experience unique and individualized to their needs.

How does the Children's Discovery Center work with the IEP process in the are school district?

The IEP process is an important part in making sure each child with a disability's needs are being met. The four year old kindergarten teacher does the most with the IEP process, by contacting the Stevens Point Area School District. The school district then follows their set procedures in referring a student for special education services, along with the IEP. The 4K teacher makes contact with the child's kindergarten teacher, to let them know the needs of the child that will be coming to them. The school district may also refer back to the 4K teacher if the IEP process starts after the child has left the 4K program.