Paws to Read

Gabbie 0.

Who am I?

My name is Gabbie O'Toole and I usually read 50 pages a night or for thirty minutes depending on the time. I learned to read when I was in kindergarten. My kindergarten teacher taught me to love to read and with the help of our librarian I figured out what kinds of books I like. Here are some things about me as a reader.

  • I like realistic Fiction
  • Action and Adventure books are great too
  • I will read a book more than once
  • If I don't like a book I wont finish reading it
  • I love recommendations
  • I read to entertain myself
  • I like book groups
  • I am not picky about books
  • It doesn't take me long to read an average sized book
  • I love to read in my free time



What am I reading?

Right now i am reading Hoot, and the last thing I read was Counting By 7's. Hoot is a great book for people who like action and adventure books. It is a pretty good book by Carl Hiaasen. Its also a little long though, but overall I would recommend it to all readers.


I like to play volleyball, I also enjoy skiing and snowboarding. Finding books related to those are great!

Song Now Playing

Pharrell Williams - Happy (Despicable Me 2 - Lyric Video)


I chose this song because when you hear it, it makes you happy like a book does. It connects to reading because when you read a book it makes you feel upbeat and happy and they connect the feeling of just overall being happy!


I recommend LitPick because they have a lot of book recommendations and they are very brief and descriptive. It's also very helpful because you can easily search for a book. Also what i like about this site is that you can easily see what books are popular. LitPick also got an award so I know its reliable.

My favorite books

  • Eight Keys
  • All of Wendy Mass's books
  • Hoot
  • The Fault in Our Stars
  • DIvergent
  • Hunger Games
  • Paper Town

I liked Wendy Mass's book called Jeremy and The Meaning of LIfe I like this book because it is a mystery book that is meaningful to the main character Jeremy. It's about a boy who's dad died and left him something to open on his 13th birthday, but the problem is he can't open it, the keys are missing. So his friend and him go on a journey to find the keys and along the way things happen.

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My Favorite Author

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Wendy Mass

Wendy Mass is my favorite author. I love that she writes realistic books. I have read almost all her books but a few and someday I would love to meet her in person! She always has great descriptive books and a happy tone in most books.


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