Get That A! Study Tips That Work

by: Dakota Curtis

Anyone Can Do It!

Do you have a big test coming up in class that you don't think you'll pass? Well there are a few things that might be able to help you. BUT YOU HAVE TO STUDY. The first thing you need to make sure you do when studying is PAY ATTENTION. To really know the information you have to test on make sure you are actually paying attention to what you are trying to learn. If you don't pay any attention you won't ever learn it in the first place.
You may have heard about "cramming" the night before a big test but studies show that that's not the way to go. Researchers have found that if you study over a longer period of time you will remember the information better than if you tried to shove it all in your brain at one time. Another helpful hint: USE MNEMONIC DEVICES. Using mnemonic devices, such as songs, rhymes, or jokes, about the information, you are more likely to remember! Visual clues are also helpful! Use flashcards or charts to help you, who knows? Maybe the exact chart you studied is on the test! Another helpful tip, and probably the favorite among them all, is SLEEP. Getting rest at night is important because it makes it easier to learn. Also taking naps after you study something can improve the speed and amount of information you can remember for that test. But remember to actually study first, napping alone won't do the trick...

All of these helpful study tips are sure to make you snatch that A and impress that guy/girl you have a crush on with your wit.