Hoot Hoot Herald

January 4-8, 2016


I hope you have a restful and fun break with your family and friends! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

In our "own your own learning" exercise at the last faculty meeting, you expressed that you wanted time to plan with your team and time to work in your room. We heard you! Check out the agenda below for the Staff Development Day on Monday, January 4th.

Please have your students check out the lost and found before leaving for the break. We will take everything to Goodwill on Friday afternoon.

Staff Development on Monday, January 4th


8:00-8:30 Breakfast in the library

8:30-9:00 Team Building/SEL activity

9:00-9:30 Second Semester Planning

9:30-10:30 Team Planning

10:30-11:30 Work in your rooms

11:30-12:30 Lunch

12:30-3:30 Work in your rooms

Food and Furry Friends

Now that I have your attention, please be sure to take home all of your food, candy, and other delish items.

Those little furry creatures have ways, oh, they have ways. We would all rather not have them visit while we are gone and have them waiting for more when we come back. Please take all of your food, candy and other items home with you this weekend.

Counselor's Notes

LUNCH BUNCH GROUPS - To begin in January!!

It's not too late!! If you have students in mind who could benefit from the Lunch Bunch groups listed below, please look for the form in your teacher mailbox.

  • Changing Families (Divorce/Break-Up)
  • Friendship Club (Social Skills)
  • My Fabulous Family (Students being raised by Gay or Lesbian Parents)
  • The Calming Club (Anxiety)

5th Grade Transition:

Counselors will be meeting with 5th graders to discuss College/Career Planning in January to prepare them for filling out choice sheets for Middle School.

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Nurse's Notes

Greetings!!! Here's wishing everyone a Very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah (Ness Gadol Haya Sham!) and a Happy New Year!!!

Hope everyone is doing well on the maintain no gain program. Here is another strategy to help us stay on track:

Keep healthy snacks at the office in your desk so you're not tempted by the treats piling up.

Try to keep communal office goodies out of view. In one study, people ate 26% more Hershey's Kisses when the candies were in clear dishes versus white ones. When the chocolates were placed six feet away, the average person ate only four a day, as opposed to nine a day when they were within arm's reach.

Before you allow yourself a splurge, do something healty, like eating a piece of fruit, walking around the office for five minutes, or climbing a few flights of stairs.

Manage portion size so you don't end up eating too much.

Use smaller plates and serving utensils. The size of the serving utensil and plate/bowl matters. In a sudy conducted at Cornell University, even nutrition experts served themselves 31% more ice cream when using oversize bowls compared with smaller bowls. Subjects served themselves 57% more when they used a three-ounce scoop versus a smaller scoop.

Pour drinks into tall, skinny glasses, not the fat wide kind.

Hope these are helpful. Remember, if you mess up, try, try again. Don't give up!

Music Schedule

January 7th- Harp Education

1st grade- 9-9:30am

Kindergarten- 9:30-10am

2nd grade - 10-10:30am

(Note from Christina Tannert- 1st grade teachers will drop their kids off at the cafeteria then pick them up at specials, Kinder teachers will go with their classes, and 2nd grade teachers will drop their kids off at specials, and pick them up in the cafeteria.)

January 20th- Murchison Orchestra (fifth grade only), during specials- all students to go to the cafeteria.

You’re Invited to the Reflections Student Exhibit & Awards

Here are the results for our 27 entries at the district-level Reflections Program “Let Your Imagination Fly”?

We have two OUTSTANDING entries that are advancing to State:

1. Lucky Cantu in Zhou/Bones for her short story Literature entry.

2. Annie Small in Hawkins for her Visual Arts drawing of an Owl.

Receiving the “Award of Excellence” are:

Gwen Kjallbring (Lauck),

Brammer Knisely (Means),

Jaynie Lee (Aguilar),

Aima Feng (Sweeny/Wiley),

Zach Dykstra (Sweeny/Wiley),

Oliver Harrington (Cardwell)

Awards of “Special Merit” go to:

Aydin A., Taylor R., Colton K., Nathan D., Luca C., Klein R., Celia C., Annelisa C., Emmy W., Zander R., Isaac Y., Kayla K., Gracen R.

Awards of “Honorable Mention” go to:

Laney T., Lily P., Katelyn D., Julia C., Claire C., Zach D.

All staff are invited by Austin Council PTA to the Student Exhibit & Award Ceremony:

Sunday,January 10, 2016

12:30, Exhibit opens

Austin ISD Performing Arts Center

1500 Barbara Jordan Blvd

If you are interested in attending, please RSVP to Kay Wagner at acpta.reflections@gmail.com .

Let’s congratulate all of these creative Doss Owls!