Beware. >:3

Cuz you have just travelled to the DINOSAUR AGE!!! RAWRRRR

You have just travelled back 248 mya.

You see animals there. Dinosaurs and many other different species that you have never seen before. You spot a familiar dinosaur, a Triceratops. Lets give it a name. We'll call her Knives. You see her peacefully eating grass in the forest just miles ahead of you. At that moment, you hear thumping sounds. Many other dinosaurs run from the forest, towards you. You frantic and run with them. You see that Knives was running behind. OMG! Behind her is a T-Rex. The T-Rex catches up to her and finishes her in one bite.

You move along and went in the forest...... You spy lots of interesting plants there. Some you know. Such as the.................

The era is also broken down into 3 periods.

The Triassic, Jurassic and the Cretaceous. The Triassic zone started from 230 million years ago to 190 mya. The Jurassic period started 190 mya to 135. And the Cretaceous zone started after the Jurassic zone to 63 million years ago. The Cretaceous zone was the end of the age of reptiles. It was the first appearance of modern insects and flowering plants.

How was Earth like that era??...

Earth was much much more different than how it is today. The climate was much more warmer. So everyday was like the Summer, sometimes even more hotter than the average temperature. The season was really mild and crazy. The sea level is higher and there was no polar ice. During that time, the continents were still jammed together. And the world went into the mass extinction during this era.