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Shrek The musical will show your kids about careers AND teamwork!

Click on this video below so that your children might be inspired to soak in the spotlight as a performer, as they see the value of teamwork. This performance of Shrek, which is preformed by a community theatre, will show your kids behind the scenes. After the video, encourage your kids to put on their own play of their favorite movie. They can create a set, costumes and of course, it will take TEAMWORK! Enjoy!
Shrek - Small Sparks, Big Dreams - SEASON 3

Notes for Parents:

Your child saw behind the scenes, what it 's like to work AND volunteer for a musical. Shylee met the main character Shrek, who was played by Brett. Extra tall shoes, big green hands, and of course those strange ears attached to a hood are all a part of the look. He even showed the make up process, which transforms him into the green ogre.

Does your child like to dress up in costumes and put on shows? Who knows, your child's desire for the spotlight could propel him or her to the stage. You could be a 'spark champion' and nurture that 'spark' by simply being a patient audience member. When you take the time to watch those performances, or better yet, if you help them with costumes, props, and even film the performance, then you will really be showing your support. This will allow your child to explore his or her sparks.

Your child was also introduced to the notion of 'What Employers Want'. Of course TEAMWORK is at the top! It is always good to know what employers are looking for so that your child will hear those magic words, "You're hired!" someday!

This song will have your child knowing how to shake hands the right way... grab a partner! Click below!

Shake Hands: Do it right - Brought to you by Small Sparks, Big Dreams

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