Dally Winston

Created by Ponyboy Curtis, Sodapop Curtis, and Johnny

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1.) Quote with page number

Explain your quote in SENTENCE form. Be sure to mention...


-STEA or L?

-Character Trait Revealed

2.) "His eyes were blue, blazing ice, cold with a hatred of the whole world." (p.15)

The author also uses indirect characterization when describing Dally's looks. This quote shows that Dally is fierce.

3.) "If he was smart, like me, he wouldn't be in this mess. If he was smart like me, he wouldn't have ran into that church man. You better wise up Pony. You better wise up man. You get TOUGH like me and you don't get hurt! " (p.92)

This quote indirect characterization and shows that Dally is desperate. Dally's speech shows that he feels desperate because Johnny is dying.

4.) "Oh, my, my"--- Dally looked bored--- "you've got me scared to death. You ought to see my record sometime, baby." He grinned slyly. "Guess what I've been in for?"

Dally's speech shows that he is playful and charming as he tries to flirt with Cherry. This is another example of indirect characterization.

5.) "Whirling suddenly, he slammed back against the wall. His face contracted in agony, and sweat streamed down his face." (p. 127)

In this example of indirect characterization, Dally is clearly pain-stricken. This character trait is revealed through Dally's actions.

My Prediction

Based on your analysis of Booth's character, predict what might happen to Booth in the novel. Your prediction should reflect the character traits you have listed above and be 4-6 sentences in length.