Computer Technologies & Cyber Crime

CRIM 2218.21D

Meet Your Instructor

Welcome to Computer Technologies & Cyber Crime! My name is Kim Gabelmann, and I will be your instructor this semester. I look forward to learning with and from you this semester. I hope you find this semester exciting as we explore rapidly changing field of computer technologies and cyber crime.

Contact Me: Communication Policy

I will respond to your email, text, or phone call within 24 hours Mon.-Fri. I will be checking my messages throughout the week and on weekends, and will respond as quickly as I can, however, my availability on weekends may be limited. The best way to reach me during the work week is via email or text message.

Course Philosophy

I believe learning should be engaging, exciting, and relevant. It is my hope that this course is all of the above. In order for this semester to be successful, we need everyone to contribute their thoughts, ideas, and findings. This is not a lecture where I stand in front of you and teach. My role is that of a guide and facilitator. I will guide you through the course, point you to relevant learning materials and resources, and facilitate discussions. At the end of this course you should walk away with an understanding of computer technologies & cyber crime (and all the content within), a network of colleagues, and new skill sets. I ask you to not focus on "getting an A", or just "passing" this course. I am challenging you to look at this as an opportunity to learn something new, a place to share your experiences and findings with others, and a chance to collaborate with individuals who share some of the same interests as you. Each one of your contributions will enhance this course.

Setting Yourself up for Success

This document via Indiana University provides some great tips for online success. My wish for each of you is that you succeed not only in this course, but in all that you do.

Please read the article below before moving forward:


Online Weekly Attendance & Participation: 25%

Mid-term Exam: 25%

Research Paper: 25%

Final Exam: 25%

Total: 100%


A discussion forum is a space designed for conversation. Communication is a key skill needed to succeed in any type of environment. It is important to write well, check your spelling and grammar, and to support and expand upon your thoughts. In other words, spelling, grammar, and substance counts. In order to allow for quality conversation during the week, all initial discussion posts (unless otherwise noted) will be due by Wednesday evening of that week. This provides everyone enough time to follow-up and respond to posts. I look forward to our conversations!

Research Paper

You will be asked to write a research paper, and summarize your findings to share with the rest of the class. The research paper, and brief summary presentation are not due until the second half of the semester, but it is a good idea to start thinking about a topic, collecting resources, and creating an outline in the beginning of the semester. I recommend taking some time to look through your book, and selecting a topic that interests you.

Paper Requirements:

  • You may choose any topic within your textbook that you wish to research.
  • Your paper should be 3-5 pages (double-spaced)
  • APA format
  • All sources must be properly cited. A bibliography included. Your work must be original, and will be submitted through SafeAssignment.

Brief Summary Presentation:

Create a brief summary of your findings, and post presentation in the corresponding discussion forum.

I will provide a rubric, resources, and potential tools to use when creating your presentation.

Course Resources

Please take a moment to visit the links below. Diigo,, and Padlet are three online tools that we will be using throughout the semester. Click on each button to visit the website.


We will be using the bookmarking tool, Diigo to save/share links to news, journals, tools, and websites related to this course. You will receive an invitation to join this private group. is a content curation tool. I've set up Computer Forensics & Cyber Crime topic. Course-related news and resources will be added throughout the semester. Feel free to use this as a resource.

Padlet: I Would Like to Know More About...

Learning needs to be relevant in order to stick. Padlet is a simple online tool that allows you to post sticky notes. I have created: "I Would Like to Know More...". What do you wish to learn about in this class? Please visit to share your thoughts.

FDU Online Library

You can connect to FDU's Library resources online. Feel free to contact one of the wonderful FDU librarians who will assist you in finding resources for your research paper.


This FDU site is developed specifically for students. Take a moment to check out all of FDU's online resources. Topics include: Webcampus Webmail Webadvisor FDU UTAC FDU Libraries

FDU University Technical Assistance Center

If you have any technical difficulties during the semester, please feel free to contact FDU UTAC. They provide assistance 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week, so don't hesitate to reach out to them.

Learning Needs & Assistance

If you are in need of assistance due to language, physical or learning disability, or any other learning challenge, please contact me at the beginning of the semester so that I can make sure you receive the proper assistance.

Academic Integrity Policy

Please take the time to familiarize yourself with FDU's academic integrity policy:

It is your responsibility to keep current with the assigned readings in the textbook, course activities, and online discussions.

Emergency Contact Information

Please take a moment to fill out the Emergency Contact Information Google form below.

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