Bauters' Bulletin

April Newsletter

Social Studies

We are finishing our unit on economy. We have talked about needs vs. wants, services vs. goods, and saving and earning.


We will be starting our unit on seeds. Our kick start will be through a program at the Children's Museum on Friday, April 11th.


We will be reading about important people throughout history as we continue our unit on biographies. We are starting to research people we want to know more about. Feel free to help your child research at home and bring articles in for their topic.


We are researching biographies and talking about the important elements to a nonfiction book. We are working on picking out the most important information, and putting it in our own words.


We have moved onto counting coins. You can help at home by reinforcing these concepts: names and values of coins, counting collections of coins, ways to show the same amount, one dollar, adding money, subtracting money, and estimating sums and differences.

Field Trip

We are going to the Children's Museum on Friday, April 11th. Please make sure that if you are attending you send in money as soon as possible. Please also make sure that your child has a disposable sack lunch to bring on the trip. We will be wearing our classroom, yellow Harrison Parkway shirt on the trip! Thanks for all of your help to make this a great trip. I am excited to go!

Websites Available on Blackboard


This website has been a great tool for in class practice with math facts. It's also serving as a fun way to practice at home. I get a weekly report from the creators and I'm excited to see so many practicing at home as well!

Happy Numbers

This website has a classroom code: 144452 and their passwords are their names. This is also a great way for kids to play games while practicing math.

Kerpoof and Story Maker

These are creative websites that allow children to work on digital story telling!