Genetically Modified Foods

Why grow Genetically Modified Food?

Genetically Modified Food is simply that: food that is genetically modified.

It is only normal for plants to increase in diversity through natural selection, increasing efficiency in production for hard working farmers and raising quality and nutrition for customers like you!

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Positive Impact of Biotechnology

Proof of the positive affects of Genetically Modified Food can already be seen through the results of the Green Revolution in the 1940s-1970s (led by Norman Borlaug); when the advancement of biotechnology and agricultural practice helped Less Developed Countries, such as India and Mexico, become self sufficient through increased crop yield. This has proven that technology is the only hope for the millions of people suffering from famine in our world today.

Through biotechnology, hybrid or dwarf plants are more resistant to changes in day length, weather, and other physical factors that hinder the growth of other normal plants.

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If utilized well, Genetically Modified Food have a potential of increasing health! Some Genetically Modified Foods have higher, fortified nutritional content and are even proven to aide in weight loss.

Every single one of crops is carefully examined before sale, to make sure that the contents are health benefiting and meet safety standards regulated by federal law.

Genetically Modified Food are checked by all three of the government food agencies, which would be the Department of Agriculture, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the Food and Drug Administration.

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Pest Resistance!

Did you know that in the United States, more than 970 million tons of insect killer is sprayed annually? These chemicals affect animals who eat the crops, and even leak into our own drinking water. Many environmentalists are now fearing an outbreak similar to the DDT pesticide that has historically caused massive environmental imbalance.

With crops, such as dwarf plants and hybrids, that are genetically stronger, sturdier, and more resistant to these harmful insects, not as much insect resistant killers will need to be used, and in turn, less amount of harm is done to the environment.

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