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There is no two ways about it. The workload is high, expectations are high and desire to do the right thing for our learners is high too. This means we also need to keep the morale high.

“10 reasons to be cheerful” section of Engage, encourages you to nominate what makes you feel cheerful at the College. What keeps you going when the going gets tough? We will publish these weekly to cheer us all up.

1. Christmas Jumpers

2. Christmas songs

3. Star Wars finally arriving! (see note from Dan!)

4. Beautiful weather for December on our beautiful Island

5. Nativity plays

6. Saboohi's Mother Christmas outfit! We love it!

7. Going to New York!

8. The Christmas Break

9. Lighter mornings!

10. Carol Service @ LOC

Marketing Request Form

A big thanks to Trish for all the work she has been doing for the College with various areas, please see links Trish to the Chamber of Commerce website to which Trish has added our Open Day adverts http://www.guernseychamber.com/member-events/

If you have a need for any marketing materials including brochures, web pages, adverts, posters, social media campaign imagery or any other marketing jobs you need to complete the following form.

There is 4 weeks notice for all jobs except for social media requests which require one week notice. Before placing a request be sure to discuss your request and agree it with your Faculty Director , Head of LSS or Director of Operations.

Click here to complete the Marketing Request Form: http://form.jotformeu.com/form/52743824060351

Who's Who!

We are looking to put a Who’s Who section on My CFE in the near future which I am sure you will find helpful. In order to help us have this publication produced you are all asked to complete this short form with information about yourself that we can then edit and use to produce the College’s Who’ Who document. http://form.jotformeu.com/form/52463061053345

Merry Christmas one and all!

Christmas time for me is a time for reflection, when I look back at the year I had and plan for the one ahead. Firstly, can I thank you all for all the hard work, commitment and energy you put into making our last year a progressive and productive year. Looking back over the past year, there have clearly been many challenges – challenges that have caused real difficulties: covering staff absence, vacant posts, new working arrangements, lack of certainty about roles – and learning how to make the best happen whilst still coping with these difficulties.

Yet you have.

As I walk around the College, attend meetings, and talk with staff, I get a real sense of a positive belief in what we are doing, where we are going, and a willingness to make it work.

As someone once said, and I firmly believe: success is 10% circumstance, and 90% what you do about it. We all face struggles – of different kinds – but the most successful and happy people are those who work hard to do the best with and despite these struggles.

Our ethos can be summed up motto into : don’t moan: own. We have seen a lot of owning up and getting on with making a difference over the past year. Where we seek to solve and move ahead, not to blame, but take ownership and accept responsibility. A significant part of our successful response to challenges is being there for each other – offering everyone the help and support they need: working together for all, not individually for one…

So again, thanks all of you who have given your best, in what has been a testing year….

So looking forward to the coming year, I am realistic and optimistic. We have a clear vision and strategy, and strong and cohesive action plans to make it happen. We will have the validation report to help us focus even further on what we do well and address what needs improvement. And of course, we have us: every College is only as good as those who work with and for it. If I were somehow to magically be able to improve my performance by 200%, it would still only make a marginal difference – because there is only one of me…but if each of us made a 1% improvement in our performance – whatever that might be – then the whole College would notice the difference. So imagine how that would be if we could each make a 5% improvement?

So my new year’s resolution, and my challenge to all of you, is to Strive For 5….

I will commit to looking to find, then delivering, new and better, more effective, ways of working that together, add up to a 5% improvement in my personal contribution and effectiveness. I’m going to translate that into finding 12 things – one a month – to do better or improve. And I’ll tell you each month what that month’s task is, and how I did on the previous month’s task…. I really hope you can all do the same….

Have a happy, relaxing and safe festive season – see you all in the new year!


CEO and Principal

College news: The week that was!

Staff Development News from Louise

Hello everyone. Have a wonderful break here is some exciting staff development sessions for next term

As well weekly sessions there will be;

  • Induction for any new people - first week back ( Laura can you put this TT out here)

  • SAP training for new starters - First week back ( Hopefully)

  • Success factors for all Managers looking like 19 Jan in the morning

  • Risk management for all managers date TBC

  • MDP opportunities for Managers this will include bite size development and coaching with Arnie on 26 January

Teaching & Learning Focus 1

6.1.16 IPAD Tinker Time LOC, 107 with Martine

13.1.16 IPAD Tinker Time DEL, D7 with Martine

20.1.16 IPAD Tinker Time CTZ, 103 with Martine

27.1.16 Intro to Google Apps for Education CTZ, 103 with Martine

03.2.16 Intro to Google Apps for Education, LOC, 107 with Martine

10.2.16 Intro to Google Apps for Education, DEL, D7 with Martine

17.2.16 Intro to Google Classroom, CTZ, 103 with Martine

Targets, Focus 2

6.1.16 Supporting student progress, DEL, D5, Nicola & Jeanette

13.1.16 Supporting Student progress, CTZ, 202, Nicola & Jeanette

20.1.16 Supporting Student Progress, LOC, L103, Nicola & Jeanette

News from BIC Faculty


The long standing tradition of the annual ICT Christmas meal was held last night at Moores Hotel. Past and present students gathered , forming one of the biggest networks of IT professionals on the island. Current second year students had the opportunity to network (pun intended) with former students who have gone on to bigger and brighter things. This was a chance to celebrate the departments ongoing successes and achievements. University, Computer Forensics, Network Administrators, Support Technicians, ASP.NET developers are just some of the many pathways travelled by our Alumni , a journey that all started in one place, the ICT labs of GCFE.

BTEC Business Year 1 were joined by Jon Ozanne from CT Plus. (see pic). He gave an inspirational and engaging presentation about his journey into Marketing and what he does day-to-day. Quote from Jon was “turn a negative into a positive”. The students said, he presented really well and it was interesting.

The Business students enjoyed some very lovely cakes during their festive celebrations orgainsed by Irene and the Business Team (see pic)

Winner of the best dressed Classroom goes to year 1 Business Admin students RM L108 for their lovely festive homemade decorations Well done!

A special mention for the ICT students RM 108 who came a close second for their interpretation of a natural looking log fire and Christmas Tree

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ITL Update

ILT Update

This week I have a few screencasts to share with you (I have included links to previously shared screencasts in case you did not get a chance to watch them at the time).

Feel free to email me feedback and requests for future screencasts.

News from CASI Faculty

Things are winding down now after a very busy term in Faculty A with everyone looking forward to our Christmas break.

The students have still been busy though in Performing Arts. As the part time dancers had exams this week and are getting ready for their show in January.

The Performing Arts students have been busy preparing for assessment. They raised lots of money from busking their carols in town, they participated in a comedy workshop with The Improbables on Thursday afternoon.

One of the highlights of the week was a speed dating activity in character; Master Horner from restoration comedy, ‘The Country Wife’ flirted with Agatha Crusty! Take a look at this photo (attached) of a jump captured mid-air; these two learners had their first ever dance class this September!!!

And In Creative + this week Tiegan Carre, Amber Moxam, Emma Ogier and Chris Towers filmed Aindre Reece-Sheerin’s Christmas show at St. James.

Two level 3 beauty students, Sophie Guevelou and Tracy Mauger volunteered to wax a very hairy male chest for charity. The event was organised by Kate Loveridge (from the Education department) who are raising money for Les Bourg and Alzheimer research. What a brave man! The students did an excellent job though!

News from CHPSS Faculty

Sport and Public Services

Level 3 1st year sports students have completed a term of work experience placements; all of them got good reports with some of them really excelling and showing the College and the Sport Department in a great light. James Jones and Georgia Renouf both impressed so much that they have both been offered paid part time hours with Tri Fitness and Kings Leisure.

A huge thanks to Jo's dad who has made an incredible multi sport storage facility ON WHEELS to fit in the sports cupboards, photos to follow!!! Thanks Jo's dad!!!!

Our rugby players led by our Rugby Activator Tom Veillard had an outing this week in a 7's tournament against both Grammar and Elizabeth College. They came together to put on a superb fight and only narrowly missed out to Elizabeth College but fought hard to take down Grammar in a thrilling defeat! Not bad for their first tournament, well done boys!

The GCFA played Weston College at their UK home ground in Gloucester on Wednesday. Some incredible play but sadly they just couldn't keep the goals out with a final score of 3-4 to Weston college. Find our full match report on our display outside of the Sports Hall at Delancey.

Health and Social Care

Yr 1 Health and Social Care have created a fantastic board display in
D 33 (old P&D block) showcasing their first placement experiences and an insight into the Health and Social Care Services on the Island. Well done!

Early Years

Child Care students have been in the community this week supporting placements with Christmas Parties and Nativity Celebrations. Always a very busy time of year for our students as they participate in holiday festivities.

Merry Christmas from all in Faculty D!

News from ICE Faculty


  • Phil - for organising the Fabulous Christmas Party!
  • Alex and Liam and the team in the Catering dept for the delicious Christmas lunch! (from the admin team)
  • Good old Noel from IT - always a pleasure to deal with
  • Access Christmas Tree Sculpture at Delancey
  • Lindsey's fabulous organising of Enrichment Day - thank you Lindsey!


  • Smoking hut at bottom is a disgrace, litter and fag ends all over the place. Its never cleaned now. Why? - this is in hand
  • Some workshop sinks still not being cleaned - this is in hand.
  • Still no LS assessments for learners who may need exams access - this is in hand at present
  • Learners having to find and go to unscheduled room for summative exam, due to the room that was booked for their exams being used for a meeting (Room should be free ten minutes before exam time to allow learners to settle). Unfair to the learners at such a critical stage and shame on those who think they are more important to the learners - unfortunately space and room bookings were very tight when booking validation meetings, our apologies that this particular meeting ran over.



Where is the Christmas music? Just for last week? - no the music is back on - enjoy!



Trish has updated our Linked in Company page, and this will now hopefully pick up more followers.

Please can all staff who have a linkedin account please follow the College page - it might be that a link has already been created... but please check this. Thank you.

If you have anything exciting going on that can be publicised on Twitter/Facebook or LinkedIn please contact Laura or Trish. Thank you.


Can all new staff make themselves known to Dan Hunter, email Danh@gcfe.net if a) they are members of a UCU teaching union or b) they are interested in joining the UCU teaching union.

This will enable us to keep an up-to-date union member email distribution list to ensure all members are kept in the loop.

forthcoming events at the PRCPA

Who knew we had so many Star Wars fans at College?!Some crazy Star Wars fans you may recognise who went to the Midnight Showing!

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Spoiler Alert: Mini Review of the new film! by Jedi Dan

After an absence of ten years since the last Star Wars movie (2005’s Revenge of the Sith), the space blockbuster that introduced the mainstream world to spin-off merchandising returns to the silver screen.

The film played at four sold out screenings at 0:02 on Thursday the 17th December and many Bothan spies died bringing you this mini (non spoiler) review.

The Force Returns is closer in spirit to the original trilogy, it adds much needed humour that was missing from the prequels and utilises practical sets and effects which undermined the feel of the previous trilogy of films.

It’s a breath taking blockbuster with heart and characters that you care about. Best mainstream film this year.

News from Service Guernsey...

The November Service Guernsey events are now an important fixture in our calendar. 2,752 tickets were allocated for this year’s event and now that it’s over it’s important to look at how well it went, what you liked and what you didn’t like so much so that we can make sure that next year’s event delivers on both content, usefulness and is something you’ll enjoy to come along to.

Service Guernsey plays an important part in the strategic direction of our organisation, and has an impact on all of us and what it means to work for the States of Guernsey. Service Guernsey is not only about how we can improve our services to the community, build on what’s good and challenge what’s not so good but is also about how the organisation supports us to do that, about strong leadership and team work. It may mean one thing for you and something else for a colleague in a different type of role.

The events in November are a good opportunity to find out what’s happening across the States and meet up with people from other Departments. If you didn’t get a chance to come to the event and want to watch the presentations, or are interested in what we found out from the feedback survey or in the information we gathered on the stands, you can find out more on the Bridge: http://bridge/teamsite/serviceguernsey/SitePages/One%20Year%20On.aspx

We have included:

  1. Films of all the presentations from the day
  2. Results of the online feedback survey which was completed by 346 people
  3. Follow-up from the people’s Survey, the SOHWELL stand quiz results and a link to where the Sports and Social Committee information will be held

Results of your suggested “100 Pointless Things” will be coming soon, once we have sorted through the hundreds of entries we received!

We will be working with the Service Guernsey representatives and communications teams in your department to make sure that if you or your colleagues don’t have access to the Bridge you can still get this feedback, likewise that staff with no access to a p.c can still get this message.

If you want to get in touch, and find out more about Service Guernsey or Pubic Service Reform then please e-mail us at serviceguernsey@gov.gg

It just remains for us to send Season’s Greetings to you all from the Service Guernsey team.