The Omega 2

Starting at $899.99!

This Brand New Shower Stall Is Back And In Sale Today!

Everyone deserves a good, relaxing shower and the key factor to that enjoyment is the shower stall itself! The Omega 2 makes it's return with better features and possibilities! It's spacious with a width of 4 feet and height of 7 feet. It's easy to clean and the elegant designs will give the perfect touch to your bathroom. Customers are guaranteed to love this new shower stall.
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For Sale Today For Only $899.99!!!!

The Structure

The Omega 2 will go well with any bathroom this shower stall will be placed in. The entire structure is made out of granite marble, giving it a very elegant feel. The front has pure white granite marble with beautiful designs carved into them. The back wall is the tapestry of art where the designs will become more detailed. Two columns of black and white granite marble will stand beside each side of the back wall, adding to the artistry.
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The Omega 2 Is Made For The Customers' Satisfaction.


The side granite marble walls will be tiles in an arithmetic sequence. As The Omega 2 is back and better than ever, there is a new bonus! You have the ability to choose any two colors to be used in this arithmetic sequence! This offer will only last for six months, so come hurry and buy The Omega 2!