2 Million Minute Plan

By Paloma Nunez

Part 1 Vision

My life 25-30 years from now......

Waking up early, for a walk with my dogs, Lilo and Stich, at Peper Park. Then I go to work at the Play Station company. I'm back home in the afternoon, waiting for the school bus of my kids to arrive. After we all, finished dinner we start doing homework. It's late now and ready for going to bed.

Part 2 Budgeting My Future


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Part 3 2Careers

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3D Animator

~Salary: $73k-$127k


•associate's degree programs-2 years

•Bachelor's degree- 4years


•1 year for entry-level positions

•3 or more years for mid-level or advance positions

•5+ years for hire-level positions

~Key Skills

•strong art and design skills

•proficiency in animation technology

•video editing software

•ability to use animation

•computer and time-management skills


  • creating storyboards that depict the script and narrative;
  • drawing in 2D to create sketches, artwork or illustrations;
  • designing models, backgrounds, sets, characters, objects and the animation environment


• I believe that animator is the perfect career for me because in the research that I did 3d animator is really alike to video production. they are alike because they both work with software equipment. Also, Video Production is a recommended class to be accepted more easily in Platt College.

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• Bachelor of Science, Astronomy, Astrophysics, or Physics

•Master Degree in Science

•Ph.D. Degree (takes 3-6 yrs)

*helpful in many areas of modern astronomy to knowledge of Che,is try and biology

~Required Skills

•solve complex problems

•accurately analyze data

•strong understanding of math and physics

~What is an Astronomer's job?

•Astronomers study the properties and evolutionary processes of the universe.

•Astronomers investigate the early universe, galaxies, and the formation and evolution of the stars and solar system.


•I believe that Astronomer is also a great career for me because the space, stars, planets, black holes. solar systems, and galaxies all interest me. One of the things that also interest me to become an Astronomer is the immense space in Space.

Part 4 3Colleges

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Platt College

~Tuition Range:$20,000-$30,000


•gpa: 3.7 or higher

•SAT test to measure academic preparedness

~Recommended Coursework

•Digital Media Design Classes

•ap classes

~Campus Life

•number of students: about 400

•campus size:50,000 square feet

~Why Platt College?

•no application

•no parking fee

~ Who's hiring Platt Graduates?

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Full Sail University

~Tuition Range:



•Computer Animation

•undergraduate program

•20 month Bachelors of Science

•Graphic Design

•undergraduate program

•32 month for Bachelors Degree

• Digital Arts and Design

•20 month Bachelor's Degree of Science

~Campus Life:

•location: Winter Park,Florida

•average student age:20

Part 5 A-G Courses

A)Social Science-4years


C)Mathematics-4years recommended


E)Foreign Lang.-3years

F)Visual and Perform Arts-1year

G)College Prep Elective-1year

Physical Ed.-2years


30+ hrs community service

12th Grade:

-AP English Literature and Composition

-AP World history

-Computer Science1

-AP Calculous

-AP Physics 2

-AP Art History


11th Grade:

-Us History Honors/AP US History

-AP Chemistry

-AP Spanish 5/6

-English 11Honors

-Computer Application II

-Math analysis honors


10th Grade:

-AP Physics1

-Spanish 3/4

-PE High School II

-World History and Culture Accelerated

-English 10 Accelerated

-Integrated Math III


9th Grade:

-World Geography

-English9 Accelerated

-Integrated Math II

-Biology Accelerated

-Spanish 1/2

-Computer Application I


Part 6 Reflection

One of my initial goals is to go to college and get my Bachelors Degree, after I get my Bachelors degree will find a job at an Animation Studios. And if I'm not already married, I'll have my own a house and kids I will have 2 dogs, LILO and Stitch and my house. But before I get married or have a house I will first need to meet the school requirements, and even before meeting the requirements at college, at High School I need to graduate with good grades, and honors. Keeping up my grade with a GPA of 3.5 or higher and ap classes so that I can get accepted in college more easily. Also for more chances to go to collegOnce I get my High School diploma and my Bachelors Degree, I will continue to work hard to get to work for a big company such as Dreamwork's or Pixar. What I have learned about this Success portfolio are my requirement to get to college and get a job.