Action Plan for Differentiation

by Kimberly Billek

understanding the classroom

The learner profile that I have chosen for one of the students that I have encounter is for a student within the class I teach in. The student is 5 and is a girl. Her learning needs are that she has a IDP and going once a week to speech. It is to help her learn to work on her speech and talking. This will help her learn more and blossom as a kindergarten. I am her prek teacher assistance and have watched her grow and be able to talk more. She is understanding and get her letters and words . She is s you begin to work in the field of education at a variety of levels, you will need to address different learner needs.

On the learning with her cognitive skills have some more work to be done. I don’t think she has any disabilities, she is just needing more time being able to learn. With her cultural background she is from a military family and her dad come back from a deployment. This can be hard on some of the children when there parent is deployed fighting for this country. I know because my husband had deployed 5 times and this has been hard on my children. I try to talk to be there for the students when they have that going on in there family.

One lesson plan that would work for her and improve her learning is with small groups. One small group is with CVC and site words they are words the students have to know when they get to kindergarten.

Another student with whom I encountered is a male who is 5 years old. He is a new student within our classroom and is from Africa. He is from the EWE tribe and they don’t speak to much English. He knows a lot of English but speaks his EWE as well. We have him on an IDP and it is to help him with speech.

One lesson plan that works well with him is small groups, he learns better one on one. As well as repeated direction when teaching. Also using explains of what he is going to learn. Also peer tutor is great for him. Working with him so he can learn and see what is being taught helps him with learning and understanding your lesson plans.

Some lesson plans can help the students understand and improve there learning skills. Finding new ways to help and better your teaching skill is very important when teaching.

working for improvement

The environment in which i will work will be within my classroom. I would like to work within a pre-k classroom in a public school. I think that working with the public school system it has alot that i can do to help. Working to help the students succeed and grow. Some strategies that I think would help is working with the students with commucation.