Events Of The Cold War

8 Different Events And People That Caused Its Longevity

Vietnam War

The Vietnam War was a costly armed conflict that pitted the North and Viet Cong against the South and U.S. North Vietnam won this war by achieving their goal of reuniting and gaining independence for all of Vietnam. A useless 19 years that resulted in Communism taking over, and approximately 1,313,000 dead.

Cuban Missile Crisis

A 13-day political and military standoff over the installation of Soviet missiles in Cuba. The U.S was terrified of this event that took place. But why? They're the ones that pushed for a Nuclear Era. Yet when the Soviet Union put missiles in Cuba, the United States feared for the worst.

Iron Curtain

An ideological barrier raised by the Soviets after WWII to seal itself off and its allies. This "curtain" took time and affected the public in many ways. The barrier was used to keep Communism in, while keeping Communism out. It was used from the end of WWII, all the way up until the Cold War ended (1945 to 1991.)

The 38th Parallel

A line that separates North and South Korea. This border however, was almost exactly the same from before the Korean War and even after, with the difference of South Korea earning more territory. So was there really any point to this war?

Fidel Castro

A Cuban politician and revolutionary who served as Cuba's Prime Minister.


The pushing of dangerous events to the brink of disaster. This pushing added events to the Cold War, extending the Cold War. Events that took place because of brinkmanship consist of, the Korean War, Berlin Crisis, and the Cuban Missile Crisis.