By: Collin Gibbs


  • Born March 6th,1474 in Caprese, Italy
  • He is a sculptor, architect, and painter
  • He spent most of his life in either Florence or Rome
  • He studied anatomy and grammar (Latin language)
  • Michelangelo grew up in Florence and was the second of five brothers
  • He was one of the patrons of the Medicis
  • Died February 18th, 1564 in Rome, Italy

Isms Michelangelo represents

  • He represents humanism because a lot of his artwork is focused on the human body such as one of his sculptures called the David
  • He also represents secularism because he likes to ask questions

The David

  • This was finished in 1504
  • It was one of the 1st sculptures made in the shape of the human body
  • This would focus mainly on humansim because it it is a statue in the form of a human body
  • I find it interesting because of the fact that this has not really been done yet


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