Ch 2 Vocab 2 Study Outline

Interro: Les goûts des jeunes Français

Interro on the following:

  • Naming common activities and where they take place
  • Ask how often one does an activity
  • Ask how well one does an activity
  • Ask about one's preferences

L'interro is scheduled for LUNDI, le 30 janvier, 2015

Study Suggestions

  • Review all the material on pages 52-55 of your textbook
  • Pay close attention to the Exprimons-nous boxes on pages 53 and 55
  • Go over all the vocabulary from Chapter 2. You can see a complete list on page 69, or you can refer to your vocab lists in Notability
  • Refresh your memory on -ER conjugation. See the video tutorial and links for practice.
  • See the links below for video tutorials and Quizlet flashcard sets


Please complete the following exercises in your textbook: Exercices 1-4 on pages 66-67. Also, create a conversation using the picture sequence in exercise 7 on page 67.

If you complete these exercises in the online textbook you can check your answers there, except for exer. 1. You can check your answers here