New York Times

Greewhich Village Apartments Murder in New York By Trae Webb

Greenwich village ,New York 1954

In Greenwich it is very nice and calming people are busy with their lives doing what they do. They didn't seem to notice something suspicious going on except one man Mr. L.B. Jefferies or jeff. Me and him being nosy, noticed a strange man leaving in the middle of the night his name is Lars Thorwald. In the morning he came back and we saw that his wife wasn't there anymore, So we thought she was murdered. And to find out she was, by all the suspicious things Thorwald did. But it wasn't all just Jefferie that figured it out it was with his wife's help too. She did all the action while Jeff did all the watching. she broke into Thorwald's house when he was gone, and found the ring of his wife as evidence. she then told the police at the police station and they believed her. So they went to his house and caught him in the act of trying to murder Jeff.

Suspect arrested today for the murder of his wife in an apartment building located in Greenwich village. The suspect was said to of sawed his wife into pieces and then scattering her body across the East river.