Technology Class

By: Hunter krahn

Typing Web

  • I learned learned how to type at a 6th grade level.
  • Typed 5 minutes each morning before class started.
  • we completed lessons to move on in typing.


  • how to add pictures to make a trailer to a movie.
  • i learned that i can make trailer that people will watch.
  • add photos and videos to something on your ipad

Haiku Deck

  • What we did was make a haiku deck and shared our dream job.
  • I learned how to make a haiku deck with pictures and just 6th grade quality.
  • Finally we all shared to get used to sharing in front of people.


  • We had an amount of time to complete codes for a game.
  • I learned that you can do a ton of things coding like the person who made facebook used codes.
  • all of us had all day for a few days to just do code.

Explain Everything

  • we solved a math problem on Explain Everything and had to solve it.
  • also you had to record your self doing the math problem.
  • then when i was doing the problem i figured out a few things.

Career Locker

  • I learned about my dream job in Career Locker.
  • also figured out that my top dream job the website thinks i have a different dream job.
  • Finally i figured out what i am like, so if i like to work with people or by myself.