Native Americans

How westward expansion affected Native Americans

Americans Take Land From Natives

Westward expansion affected a lot of different people in positive and negative ways. Immigrants and the Donner Party are examples of this. Native Americans however, have lost the most. They fought with whites for a long time to make sure that their culture was not killed.

A lot of Native Americans were killed by whites. Some tribes were even wiped out because of it. The whites would come to the camps, ask them to leave and go to a reservation, and if they did not, they would kill them. The conditions at these reservations were not good at all. They were promised, food and supplies, a lot of the times they did not show up. However, if it did, it was very low quality. The whites broke many promises they made to the Native Americans. Some people took the children away from their tribes and families and raise them white. They were forcing the child to become just like everyone else. Those people also tried to get full tribes to integrate into white culture. This was very unfair, because that would be going against their beliefs. The government gave each family in the tribes a chunk of land, but that is not how Native Americans live. Their culture lives all together. Native Americans were treated very unfairly in the time of western expansion.

The way whites treated Native Americans was completely against American beliefs. The government became more focused on money and gold than what was the humane thing to do. Fighting became the only way to settle the whites greediness and the Native Americans stubbornness. Native Americans tribes lost lives to stand up for themselves.

Native American - Westward Expandtion

How did Westward Expansion affect the Native Americans

Selling Native's Land

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