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What's Inside

1. General information: NMS, 6 White, and the teachers

2. 6 White Teachers Get Poetic

3. What's the Buzz

4. Symbaloo, School Brains, Google Classroom, Edline

5. Student Opinions

6. Looking Ahead

1. General information: NMS, 6 White, and the teachers

Welcome to team 6 White! We hope that you are as excited as we are about the new school year: there are so many new things to learn, people to meet, places to go, things to do! It is hard to believe that we are almost at the end of term one. For those of you we met with at parent conferences this week, thank you for taking the time and effort to make room in your busy schedules, and we look forward to working closely with you this year to support your child's growth and success in grade six. Even if you were unable to attend conferences, please feel free to contact us via email to discuss any concerns you may be having now or in the future. Email is definitely the most expedient way to communicate with us.

Here are our email addresses:

1. Mrs. Sejkora (ELA)

2. Mrs. Hart (ELA)

3. Mrs. Bresnahan (Learning Specialist)

4. Mrs. Smith (Learning Specialist)

5. Ms, Gracia (Math)

6. Mrs. Nado (Social Studies)

7. Mrs. Benoit (Science)

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2. Let's Get Poetic...Mrs. Sejkora


Energetic, outdoorsy, optimistic, sentimental

Wife of Ken, mother of Patrick, Thomas, and Luke

Who loves our beautiful national parks, fires in the LLBean fire pit, and travel to faraway places

Who feels happy when I hear the spring peepers in March, spending time with my family, and optimistic when the Red Sox head to spring training

Who finds it hard to cook meals now that my sons have moved out of the house, say

goodbye to my ancient car, and get out of bed on freezing mornings

Who enjoys soup on winter nights, traveling to visit my sons in faraway places, and sitting on the porch of the Mount Washington Hotel

Who fears tornadoes when I travel to the West, tailgaters when I am on I-95, and turbulence when on a plane

Who would like to see all 50 states, my future grandchildren, and Iceland's Northern Lights

Who lives in a tan house on a tree-lined street


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Mrs. Benoit


Busy, organized, happy and goofy

Mom to two children

Who loves my family, my teaching, and seeing a great movie

Who feels excited when a student gets a concept for the first time, when my own kids are happy and doing well, and when all things are just quiet and still for a moment

Who finds it hard to find free time for myself, finish reading an entire book, and get enough sleep

Who enjoys spending time with family, traveling, sports and reading

Who fears snakes when hiking, if they quickly move and slither towards me

Who like to meet Kate Middleton, visit France, and visit all 50 states

Who lives in a modest, old house on a suburban street


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Mrs. Nado


Friendly, caring, fun-loving

Who loves family, nature, hiking and reading

Who feels good when learning new things, spending time with family and friends, and on the ocean in my boat

Who finds it hard to find enough time for everything, deciding where to go for vacation, and keeping up with readings for three book groups.

Who enjoys the outdoors, traveling, and trips to Ireland, Italy, the UK and Iceland

Who fears driving when there is stormy weather, slippery roads, and freezing weather

Who would like to go to the beach, go hiking, and see more of the world.

Who lives in a brown house with a fenced yard filled with lots of trees.


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Mrs. Bresnahan


Kind, caring, patient, and jovial

Mother of Thomas and Sarah, wife of Mark

Who loves her family, friends, and chocolate!

Who feels loved when surrounded by family, sad when people are suffering, and excited when any of the New England sports teams make it to the playoffs

Who finds it hard to resist candy, concentrate when there is a lot of noise, and put down a good book

Who enjoys spending time on the beach, traveling to new places, and looking for shooting stars

Who fears snakes when gardening, mice seen silently scurrying by, and rollercoasters that turn upside down

Who would like to see elephants and lions on a safari, the Grand Canyon, and polar bears in Alaska

Who lives in a green house on a tree-lined street


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Mrs. Hart


Kind, comical, compassionate, organized

Mother of Alec and Autumn

Who loves my family, travelling anywhere, and my Wheaten, Stormy

Who feels excited when planning a trip, hopeful when the school year begins, and tired when the day ends

Who finds it hard to live in the moment, admit when mice may be in the house, and to keep up with my kids' schedules

Who enjoys laughing until I cry, a "feel good" movie, and spending time with my book club

Who fears the future when I watch the news, tragedy if my children are sick, and winter because of last year

Who would like to see the Great Wall of China, my children happily married, and 15,000 more sunsets

Who lives in a roomy house on a rural street


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Mrs. Gracia


Enthusiastic, energetic, fun and cool

Mother, friend, family member

Who loves hiking tall mountains, going places to get away from it all, and spending time outdoors

Who feels energized when traveling to new places, content when hiking, and relaxed spending time with Cooper

Who finds it hard to sit still for too long, find the time to read, and climb every mountain

Who enjoys teaching Cooper new tricks, gardening, and relaxing at the beach

Who fears snowy roads, turbulence, and getting lost in the woods

Who would like to see all 50 states, the Taj Mahal, and the beach at sunrise

Who lives in a white house on a tree-lined street


Mrs. Smith


Caring, creative, friendly, funny

Wife of James, mother of Colin and Caitlin

Who loves family, teaching, and spending time outside

Who feels excited when the school year begins, happy when my students accomplish a goal, and relaxed when I am at the beach

Who finds it hard to find time to finish a good book, find time to relax, and sit still

Who enjoys gardening and painting projects on the weekend, sitting in an Adirondack chair by the lake in Maine, and watching my son play football and my daughter play soccer

Who fears amusement park rides, turbulence on a plane, and driving in snow

Who would like to see the Grand Canyon with my family, visit my cousin in London, and see my son and daughter live happy and successful lives

Who lives in a grey house on a tree-lined street


3. What's the Buzz in ELA

Mrs. Hart and Mrs. Sejkora are gearing up for another exciting year in English Language Arts. This year marks the fifth year of the ELA "block", giving each and every student on the team a full 96 minutes of literacy instruction per day. Given the extensive use of the Smartboards and Chromebooks this year, 6W students will be immersed in technology in rooms 323 and 322 each and every day. This is a "sneak peek" at some of the units/themes covered this year:

  • "Heroes" theme will be woven into daily activities through literature, writing, technology, grammar, etc.
  • "Battle of the Books" will be our reading incentive program for the third year in a row- a huge success as it motivates our students to read and enjoy young adult literature
  • Daily vocabulary activities using the Smartboard
  • World War II/Holocaust unit spotlighting heroism in the face of wartime and suffering
  • Classroom writing portfolios to document student growth throughout the year
  • Grammar activities woven into the literature read in class
  • Letter-writing activities

What's the Buzz in World Geography!

This year in social studies Mrs. Nado's classes will be exploring around the world learning about the Earth and the cultures of its people! Fasten your seat belts as we travel through Africa, Asia, Europe, South America, Australia, and Antarctica! There are so many interesting things that we will discover!

Before we start our adventure, we need to learn about maps and globes,

  • Students created large-scale maps of their favorite places! There are maps of bedrooms, backyards, neighborhoods, farms, zoos, lakes, and more!

  • Students learned about types of maps by making a political, physical, population density, and economic resource maps of North America!

Students sure have been hard working cartographers (mapmakers)!

Coming soon, students will discover that the round earth can not be represented on a flat map without some distortion!

  • Students will experiment using oranges to illustrate that it is impossible to make a circle into a square!

Our last stop before setting out on our travels will be learning the Five Themes of Geography!

Now Ready, Set, Go... 1st stop in our travels will be Africa!

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What's the Buzz- Mrs. Smith

Transitioning to a new school brings new routines and expectations. The students have done a great job learning their new locker combinations, the team/classroom routines, and daily schedules. Our sixth graders are learning how to manage their time to complete homework and prepare for upcoming quizzes and tests. An agenda book is a great way to keep track of assignments. Homework folders are also a helpful way to transport assignments to and from school. We are looking forward to a great year!

Mrs. Smith 6 White Learning Specialist

  • You can find daily assignment updates on my Instagram account.

What's the Buzz in Math

Students just finished chapter 1 on ratios and rates. In chapter 2 we will be learning to convert between decimals, fractions, and percents. Students will be able to find a percent of a quantity as a rate per 100. (Ex: 30% of a quantity means 30/100 times the quantity). Students will also be able to solve problems involving finding the whole when given a part and the percent.

Reminder…… if anyone needs help in math, be sure to ask for help during ICE.

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4. Symbaloo, School Brains, Google Classroom, Edline

Symbaloo- Visit this website to find links to all of your student needs!

Google Classroom: 6 White is in the process of developing Google Classroom lessons. Every day 6 White students use the Chrome Books, and many of the lessons are utilizing Google Classroom technology. Our December Smore newsletter will have updates as to how Google Classroom is progressing.

School Brains: Check here for student grades. They are updated very frequently!

Edline has information about the 6 White team and has copies of important information for you and your child. Here you will find links to copies of notes, the ELA calendar, and more.

5. Student Opinions

We recently surveyed team 6 White to get their "first impressions" of sixth grade. Some results were predictable, but some were surprising!

Top three responses:

The "scariest" thing about sixth grade

  • lockers
  • the six-day schedule
  • big building

The "coolest" thing about sixth grade

  • eating in lunchroom with friends
  • double-block ELA
  • dances

The "worst" thing about sixth grade

  • homework
  • grades
  • much more studying!

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6. Looking Ahead

In the coming months our 6 White students will

  • participate in the Turkey Shoot on the day before Thanksgiving vacation
  • start studying WWII heroes and literature in ELA class,
  • study map distortion and the five themes of geography in social studies
  • study percents, decimals, fractions in math class
  • begin a study of Africa!
  • analyze our Hero of the Month, John F. Kennedy
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