Front Door Security Tips - 3 Ways t

Front Door Security Tips - 3 Ways to Stop Home Intruders From Kicking in Doors

The FBI says: "A house is infested every 12 seconds by somebody going right through a front or back entrance".

The easiest method for a someone to break in to your home is to just kick-in the door. The is the way that the large bulk of house enemies and robbers enter a home. They come right from a door over 70 % of the time ... and 80 % of the time the door frame fails, not the locks or deadbolt as a lot of people believe.

Just How Does Someone Kick-in the Door?

"Mule Kicking" is when someone turns their back to the door and kicks it in the same method that a mule kicks with his hind leg. "Mule Kicking" is a trespassers favorite means to gain entry as it permits him to see who could be viewing him from the road and past, plus it can open a door in a split second when done properly.

4 Reasons Why Doors are Able to Be Kicked In So Easily ...

1. Many door frames on houses are nothing more than two 2" by 4" pine studs nailed together and covered with thin decorative wood trim.

2. Many locks and deadbolts are improperly installed, secured or just merely too loosened.

3. A lot of hinges are held to the door and frame with screws that are 1 inch long or less. (Go get rid of a screw from among your hinges and you'll see).

4. Most wooden frames have a small, thin, weak metal strike plate that are likewise held in with screws less than 1 inch long.

The best ways to Correct Weak Door Latch and Frame Problems ...

There is very little realistically that you can do to remedy the reality that your walls and frames are made from soft wood 2" by 4" studs. It's just a truth that the majority of residences are built in this way. However exactly what can be done is to enhance all the weak areas which are the most susceptible to fail.

1. Put a metal door guard over the areas where your door knob and deadbolt are that reaches the really edge of the door. This prevents the door knob latch and deadbolt come from being able to be broken out of the door itself.

2. Replace the short common 1 inch screws in the hinges with 2.5-3.5" long screws in the hinge side going to the frame and put 1.5" screws in the hinge side that affixeds to the Awnings Adelaide . This avoids the hinged side of the door from having the ability to be evicted.

3. Replace the small 1 to 3 inch strike plates on the frame with a 5 foot high security strike plates. This prevents the latch side of the door from being able to be kicked open. These 5' metal strike plates serve a dual purpose. It changes the small weak strike plates with something much stronger and it prevents weak frames made of soft wood from splitting. When the frame splits, that's what causes the knob and deadbolt to enable the door to open. These high safety strike plates will likewise quickly fix a broken frame.

Knobs and Deadbolts:.

Aside from what's detailed above, make certain you have good quality knobs and deadbolts, preferably the newer "choice evidence" models.

It does you little great to have actually enhanced your frame and hinges if the quality of your locks is poor. By the same token, good locks alone are not going to prevent a door kick-in. You should attend to and fix all the weaknesses if you are to be fully protected.

The old saying ..."An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of remedy" most absolutely uses when considering your door frames and locks. Repair them now while it's fresh in your mind. Exactly what's even more important than your safety, your family's security, as well as the components of your home?